Drake Sings Taylor Swift At The Gym When No One’s Looking

Drake Sings Taylor Swift Gym When No One S Looking

Someone please teach Drake and Taylor Swift how to use gym equipment properly. Months after Tay fell off a treadmill while rapping along to Drake and Future 's 'Jumpman,' Drizzy has responded with his own workout failure in another Apple Music commercial.

This time around, Drake is getting swole with his buddy. But once he's alone with his weights, he cranks up ' Bad Blood ,' dances in front of a mirror, and grunts out every lyric. You can't blame him, really. When you're annoyed at someone in real life, this song lets you vent your frustration and gets your heartbeat up.

But Drake's so busy singing along, he gets into trouble trying to bench press. Do you even lift, bro?


Ouch. Bench press: 1; Drake: 0.