Drake Will Battle Murda Mook, But Only Under One Condition

Drake Will Battle Murda Mook


Drake vs. Murda Mook could potentially be the biggest rap battle of the decade -- or the rap battle that will never, ever, actually happen.

Back in September, Mook told MTV News the story of Drake approaching him in a club, and challenging him to battle , but things have never quite taken flight.

In February, they came close, but Drizzy backed out at the last minute according to Mook, and this weekend, while attending Smack/URL's 'Night of Main Events 5' in New York on Saturday night, the Toronto rapper was asked, once again, about going up against the veteran battle rap star.

His response?

'You gotta beat Surf first, before you get to me,' he responded, referring to New Jersey rapper, Tsu Surf.


Pretty slick. But that probably still doesn't guarantee that this battle will come to fruition.

Below, Mook tells MTV News the story about drunk Drizzy presenting the challenge. We'll stay tuned to see if it ever goes down.