Drake And Wizkid Team Up To Complain About Their Enemies On ‘Come Closer’

Drake Wizkid Team Up Complain About Their Enemies Come Closer

Almost a year after 'One Dance' soared up the charts, Drake and Wizkid are back with their new song 'Come Closer.'

Drake first previewed the track two months ago, back when it was called 'Hush Up the Silence,' on his Beats 1 Radio show. For the official release, Wizkid opted for a slightly less self-contradictory title.

He's also opted to subtly shade The Weeknd, who he's claimed borrowed the title of his new album from Wizkid's label Starboy Entertainment. 'Starboy, call me number one / When my tune drop, the girls they bounce along,' Wizkid sings, possibly echoing a line in The Weeknd's 'Starboy': 'Girls get loose when they hear this song.'

Drake, for his part, casts general shade in all directions on his verse: 'Too mixed up in drama to free my mind / Jealous people around me, I need to change my life.'

Who is he talking about? Anyone, everyone, probably even you.