Drake's Favorite Politician, Norm Kelly, Disses Rick Ross

Drakes Favorite Politician

Toronto politician Norm Kelly -- a diehard Drake fan -- has already trolled Meek Mill this year , and now he has his sights set on Rick Ross .

The T. Dot Councillor fired off a few bars (if you want to call them that) aimed right at Rozay on Twitter on Wednesday.


Whoa! Calling Ross the fakest boss that you seen thus far? Man, what’s gotten into Norm?

The Twitter bars are in all likelihood due to Renzel's Color Money, a cut off the rapper’s upcoming Black Market LP. On it, Rozay references Drake’s Meek Mill dis 'Back To Back.'

'My lil’ homie made a million on his girl’s tour,' Ross said on the track. That's a response to 'Back To Back,' where Drizzy famously asked if Meek was on a world tour or his girl’s tour.

Was Ross really dissing Drake with that? While some people might think it's obvious, Rozay was asked about it today and he didn't confirm or deny it .

In any case, Norm isn't having it. But this isn't the first time he's come to Drake's defense. Earlier this year, Kelly made headlines by dissing Meek on Twitter and saying the Philly MC is no longer welcome in T. Dot.


He also appeared at a rap battle for a league Drizzy's sponsored and he's even done the Back To Back pose with Aubrey himself.


Looks like Norm's staying loyal to 6 God in this Rozay situation, too.