Drumroll, Please! The Next 'Are You The One?' Perfect Match Is...

Drumroll Please Nextare You One


Adam can officially breathe a sigh of relief, because the latest ' Are You The One ?' match is none other than...

Brittany and Joey !

Yup, turns out eating pigs' feet and fish juice together in tonight's getaway challenge was the perfect romantic catalyst for these two, as we -- your surrogate Truth Booth -- can confirm that they simply belong together. Brittany may have had her sights set on Adam since the game got started, but science says her heart lies elsewhere, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, because when she finally opened up to Joey on their victors' date, she saw another real connection.

'To be honest, she's crazy,' Joey said during his date. 'But who's not? You just have to look deeper and past that stuff. She's a sweet girl, and...I'm feeling great.'

Brittany and Joey now join Amber and Ethan , Coleysia and Dillan and the newly revealed Paige and Chris as perfect matches. So with six pairs to go, who do you think should hit the Truth Booth next? Tell us, and share your thoughts on Brittany and Joey as a match!

Photo: Mario Perez