Drunk Girls Get Surprised With Puppies And It's The Best Thing In The World

Drunk Girls Get Surprised With Puppies

BuzzFeed , purveyor of delightful videos and entertaining employees, decided it would be a great idea to get a bunch of their female employees drunk on camera and then surprise them all with a litter of puppies. You'll agree that it was.

After downing whiskey and relaxing, the women -- who thought they were just going to be talking about their day -- were happily surprised to find there was a puppy in their midst.

BuzzFeed / YouTube

'Happily surprised' may be an understatement. ?

One or two puppies was enough for Quinta B. to exclaim that she was 'going to cry.' But her evil coworkers weren't done giving them all sweet, fluffy puppies to hold, bringing a new ~puppy schnookums~ out one by one until there were six of them running around, being all cute and making poor Quinta weep uncontrollably, as well as a couple of the other women. But wouldn't you do the same?

Since posting the video online less than a day ago, it's gotten more than 20 million views -- which sounds absurd, until you see the puppies. ???

Watch the hilarious video below.