Dry Your Tears: Shireen Baratheon And Her Favorite Toy Are Alive And Well On Twitter

Dry Your Tears Shireen Baratheon

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Poor Shireen Baratheon met a ghastly end on ' Game of Thrones ' this week, when her father, Stannis, had her burned at the stake to further his Iron Throne-sitting ambitions.

Prediction: Next week, Stannis will go into his daughter's room and find the 'World's Best Dad' mug she'd already hand-painted for him for Father's Day, and it's going to be soooo awkward.

Meanwhile, if you're still haunted by Shireen's terrible screams from that terrible scene, here's a little something to cheer you up.

Kerry Ingram, who played the princess, has a Twitter account where she posted this pic of herself, out of costume (and greyscale makeup), with a souvenir from her last days on the show.

For those in need of a memory jog, that's the stag carving that Davos Seaworth gave Shireen before he left the encampment for Castle Black.

Of course, nothing can make up for Shireen's awful fate on 'Game of Thrones,' but it's comforting to think of this as a dispatch from her afterlife -- where she gets to wear eyeliner, and have nice, clear skin, and play with her favorite toys, and wait patiently for her murdering bastard of a father to get exactly what's coming to him.