Dylan O'Brien Officially Has The Best Victory Dance Ever -- Watch

Dylan Obrien Officially Has Best Victory Dance Ever Watch

With ' The Maze Runner ' hitting theaters September 19th, the main cast have been promoting up a storm. In an interview of sorts with AwesomenessTV , Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scoledario, Will Poulter and Thomas Brodie-Sangster play a game called 'Fugitive' -- basically, the British version of Cops & Robbers.

Cop Scoledario squares off against robbers Poulter, Brodie-Sangster, and O'Brien as they run like crazy to escape her, and it's the most adorable thing ever. It's also probably a welcome break for O'Brien who, at this point, may have been asked 'Did you have to run in your audition?' approximately one billion times by now.

Check it out:


Of course, Dylan won -- he is the Maze Runner after all -- and his victory dance is the best thing we've seen all day:

ll cool j vs cannibus

However, it's hardly the first time that O'Brien has goofed off in GIF-worthy form. Here's something you may or may not have known about Dylan O'Brien -- he likes to dance. Like a total dork. And we love it more than puppies.

Don't believe us?

Here's Dylan dancing on the set of 'The Maze Runner':

Here's Dylan dancing while lip-synching to 'Call Me Maybe' on the set of 'The Internship':

e daí se eu for o monstro original

Here's Dylan dancing on the set of 'The Internship' again, now with 100% more Quidditch brooms:

Here's Dylan making hip-shaking a team sport with Tyler Posey in a 'Teen Wolf' outtake:

Here's Dylan dancing in another 'Teen Wolf' outtake (R.I.P. buzzcut):

Here's Dylan as Stiles Stilinski dancing like a madman in 'Teen Wolf' and clearly about to sprain something:

Here's Dylan unleashing his inner 'Teen Wolf' (scary!):

a baixa testosterona causa ed

Here's Dylan doing whatever this is on a red carpet:

Here's Dylan dancing behind the scenes of a photo shoot:

And lastly, here's Dylan dancing nearby a thoroughly unimpressed security guard (don't worry, Dylan -- we're charmed!):

quem é o assassino dos dez mandamentos

BONUS ROUND: 'Teen Wolf' Castmates

Simply because it seems relevant, here are some GIFs of Dylan's 'Teen Wolf' castmates dancing up a storm themselves. Because we're givers!

Here's Tyler Hoechlin shaking his butt on a basketball court...

...before going into a backflip because he can and because this is America :

o que o zoloft faz pela ansiedade

Here's Sinqua Walls making fun of Hoechlin's dancing...

...while Hoechlin stands right there, as cheerful about it as he is about everything:

Finally, may we never forget...

Tyler Posey dancing up on Jennifer Lopez in a 'Maid In Manhattan' reunion at the 'Teen Choice Awards':

Dorks. (Love you!)

Did we miss any of Dylan's most important booty-shaking moments? Which was your fave? Let us know!