Dylan Sprouse Perfectly Called Out Cole For Tweeting Shirtless Photos

Dylan Sprouse Perfectly Called Out Cole

Brothers will be brothers, and we're guessing this goes double for twins. On Friday (Nov. 27), Dylan and Cole Sprouse from Disney Channel's ' The Suite Life of Zack And Cody ' -- who graduated from New York University earlier this year -- stirred up some fun sibling rivalry on Twitter.

Cole recently had a few photoshoots and shared striking black-and-white pics taken by Austin and Tynan Daniels , as well as shirtless shots by Josie Simonet .

https://twitter.com/colesprouse/status/670324061361168384 Cole Sprouse / Twitter

Dylan, amused by his twin bro's social media updates, posted this gem in response:


To which Cole perfectly responded:


Amazing. ?

Also, because we know you want to see more ? shirtless ? pics of Cole, here are several pics photographer Josie Simonet posted on her Instragram:

https://instagram.com/p/-iNWIGknFr/?taken-by=josiesimonet https://instagram.com/p/-jfnCeknEP/?taken-by=josiesimonet https://instagram.com/p/-hmcBHEnGQ/?taken-by=josiesimonet

This last one feels strangely similar to the end of Justin Bieber's 'I'll Show You' vid . Just sayin'. ?