Eamon's Alleged Old Flame Burns Him With Dis Track

Eamons Alleged Old Flame Burns Him With Dis Track

Eamon has rocketed up the charts with a song about his ex-girlfriend called 'F--- It (I Don't Want You Back),' and now a woman who claims to be the subject of the track has retaliated with her own song: 'FU Right Back.'

The song adds new lyrics to the beats and melody of the Staten Island, New York, singer's hit, dissing the 'ho-wop' crooner with lines like 'You thought you could really make me moan/ I had better sex all alone' and 'Now you want me to come back/ You must be smoking crack/ I'm going elsewhere, and that's a fact.'

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Eamon's chorus of 'F--- you, you ho/ I don't want you back' is alternately replaced with 'Well, guess what, yo?/ F--- you right back' and 'Well, guess what, yo?/ Your sex was wack.'

New York radio station Z100 received the track anonymously in the mail and began playing it on February 24. Almost immediately, the request lines started lighting up, and the station has been playing the cut almost as much as Eamon's original.

A woman named Frankee (and people claiming to be her aunt and her cousins) called the station to say that she recorded the track and is, indeed, Eamon's ex, but Eamon himself said there's no truth to the claim. 'I don't know who that girl is. I don't know who she is. I never met this girl in my life. The song is wack. The sh-- is mad wack,' he told the radio station. Uglier comments followed.

Frankee, who is also from Staten Island, said she co-wrote the song with a friend and that other anti-Eamon songs will appear on her upcoming album, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, due in April. She added that she wrote the track to defend herself against Eamon's attacks because, as she says in the song's intro, 'You know, there are two sides to every story.' And she claimed that his response to her track strengthens her position.

'If he never met me, why is he getting so mad?' Frankee said on the radio. 'Would a stranger get you that mad?

'It shouldn't even be about me being Eamon's ex-girlfriend,' she added. 'The [reworked] song is more about empowering women to fight back when people try to smear your name.'

Although Eamon hasn't taken any legal action against Frankee, he has threatened to do so — or to write another dis track so venomous it would be her undoing.

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'She doesn't really want me to write something else about her,' he told Z100. 'She should stop where she is. If she doesn't want me to ruin her career, she should stop singing.'

(Editor’s note: Eamon later claimed that he had approved the Frankee track and that the beef between the two was staged (see That Eamon Dis Track? Ho-Wopper Now Claims He Was Behind It ), a claim that Frankee denies.)

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