Ellen Degeneres' Parody Of Matthew McConaughey's Car Commercial Is Spot-On

Ellen Degeneresparody Matthew Mcconaugheys Car Commercial Is Spot

Matthew McConaughey has some competition when it comes to being the spokesperson for Lincoln: Ellen Degeneres.

The comedienne took to her show yesterday (September 22) to poke a little fun at the recent Oscar-winner's very 'True Detective'-inspired car commercials by putting herself in the back of McConaughey's Lincoln.

'I have so many questions,' Degeneres said of the original commercial, 'But my biggest question is why they cut me out of it.'

Apparently, the commercial, which is as trippy as it gets, with McConaughey essentially talking to a bull that's blocking the road, made a lot more sense with Ellen in it -- the whole thing might have just been the result of some bad hash brownies.

And of course, the whole thing is made better by substituting 'Turn Down For What' for the creepy guitar twangs from the original.

And as for Ellen and McConaughey, that would be one heck of a #TrueDetectiveSeason2.