Ellen Got Tyler Posey Shirtless And Dripping Wet: Check It Out

Ellen Got Tyler Posey Shirtless

On Monday (October 13), Tyler Posey popped by 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' , and at one point he was wearing nothing more than a teeny, tiny pair of bright-pink undies.

Hold my purse a moment while I howl at the moon.

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Mr. 'Teen Wolf' himself stripped down to his skivvies all in the name of charity. The ab-tastic actor perched his gloriously tanned physique over a dunk tank filled with water to help raise money for breast cancer research.

Pop star-turned- folk singer Pink was charged with trying to dunk Tyler by hurling pink balls at a target. However, she proved to be a pretty bad shot, and after five failed attempts the singer sauntered up to the bullseye and manually sent Posey splashing down.

Real men wear pink -- and not much else.

Wet teenage werewolves. Support for breast cancer research. Wins all around!

Watch the glorious clip in full below.