Eminem Kicks All Kinds Of Ass In His ‘Phenomenal’ New Video

Eminem Kicks All Kinds Ass His Phenomenal New Video

UPDATE (10/1/15, 1:00 p.m. ET): Eminem's 'Phenomenal' video is now available on YouTube. Check it out below.


We kind of knew Eminem would emerge as an action star in ' Phenomenal ' and on Thursday (Jul. 2), he surpassed those epic expectations with a star-studded mini-movie video released exclusively through Apple Music. And yes, it's full of the ass-kicking you hoped for.

Here's a look at how 'Phenomenal' plays out.

  • Em wakes up in a hospital. Eminem

    We're not sure why he's there, and apparently, neither does he, really. He beats up a medical staff member like a pro, but he looks at his hands like, 'Yo, how'd I do that?'

    Then, he walks out and more ass-kicking ensues. He's basically a trained Marshall artist out here. Why's he fighting, though?

  • Slim has a life-changing convo with John Malkovich. Eminem

    Once Em escapes from the hospital, he's about as confused as we are.

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    People keep wanting to take his picture and other guys want to capture him. At one point here, he beats two dudes up with fish. Not kidding.

  • Then, John Malkovich shows up out of nowhere. Apple Music

    Yep, the John Malkovich appears out of nowhere being John Malkovich.

    'You've been running so long,' he tells Em. 'Come back. Let's finish what we started.'

    Em isn't having it, though. 'Man, f--k this.' Defiant Em.

  • He jacks all types of vehicles. Eminem

    More ass-kicking follows. Soon, he steals a motorcycle, totals it and then hijacks a car. He's apparently great at driving every type of vehicle there is.

  • Slim doesn't like selfies. Apple Music

    Randall Park - who Em sorta worked with in 'The Interview' - is the dude whose car gets stolen. He doesn't mind much because, well, it's Eminem. So, what do you do when Slim Shady steals your whip? Selfie.

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    Em isn't having that either, though. 'Get out.' Angry Em.

  • He jumps out of a helicopter. Eminem

    A motorcycle and a car were not enough, so Em steals a helicopter in this video, too. After doing so, he realizes someone is about to blow him out of the sky with explosives. At the same time, we see Dr. Dre has just sent him a text message: '10pm sharp.'

    Sidenote: We get to see that thanks to Em's shiny new Apple Watch - which he's coincidentally wearing in this Apple exclusive.

  • It seems Eminem is basically Superman. Apple Music

    So, then, of course, Marshall has to jump out of this helicopter. His other option? Get blown to bits. So, we see him fall like classic Eminem - think 'The Way I Am.'

    When he finally lands, he's only a little bit hurt, like he didn't just fall from the heavens. What is he, Superman? Where's a doctor? This dude just fell from the sky.

  • Oh, look, Dr. Dre's there. Apple Music

    Dr. Dre likes it when you're on time. And Slim fell at 10pm sharp, just as requested. Punctual Em.

  • Showtime! Apple Music

    After all of that running and badass fighting, Eminem stands in front of a microphone with Dr. Dre nearby. Finally, nobody's trying to kill him and he isn't escaping from anything.

    Does this sound like a dope reminder of Em's career to anyone else? Think about it. He's fighting for his life, running from demons and finally finding peace in front of a mic stand...with the good Doctor by his side.

    Ah, now it makes sense. That's why he was fighting all along.

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