Eminem And Snoop Dogg Recognize Vince 'ShamWow!' Offer's Street Cred

Eminem Snoop Dogg Recognize Vinceshamwow

On Tuesday (June 15), Eminem unveiled a brand-new viral clip for his upcoming Recovery album that features Vince Offer, the razor-faced pitchman otherwise known as the ShamWow! Guy. It's pretty funny, though it would've been hilarious if it was still 2008.

Still, we can't blame Em for being late to the party. It seems that the entire hip-hop world is just discovering Offer, who had previously achieved a modicum of fame with his abrasive late-night infomercial for the ultra-absorbent ShamWow! (our favorite line: 'Made in Germany ... you know the Germans always make good stuff!') but became a stoner god (and a bonafide celebrity) with his over-the-top spot for Slap Chop ('You're gonna love my nuts!'). Shoot, just a few weeks back, Snoop Dogg paid tribute to Offer by working his Slap Chop spiel — 'Fettuccini, linguini, martini, bikini' — into his verse on Katy Perry's massive 'California Gurls.'

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And all of this is making us wonder: Is Offer poised to be hip-hop's next big star (or at least its next go-to posse member)? He's already got Em and Snoop in his corner, and there are several compelling reasons why he could make the leap from pitchman to hype man with ease. Here, we've even laid them out for you — and we won't even charge .95 (plus shipping and handling) just for reading.

Vince Already Has His Own Remix

And it's actually pretty awesome. In 2009, DJ Steve Porter took Offer's 'Slap Chop' infomercial, chopped and screwed it a tad, and the 'Slap Chop Rap' was born. Featuring Auto-Tuned vocals, cheesy disco beats and footage lifted from the 'Breakin'' films, it has since become the stuff of YouTube lore, having been viewed more than 10 million times.

Vince Is Fearless

In 2004, long before he was a late-night king, Offer was hawking something else : His just-completed debut film, 'The Underground Comedy Movie.' The film failed to make a splash, something Offer blamed on, uh, The Church of Scientology, claiming they had embarked on a lengthy campaign to discredit him and bury his film . He apparently sued the church, though we have no idea if the suit ever made it to court. You've got to admire anyone who's fearless (or crazy) enough to go up against the Thetans. (Please don't kill us.)

Vince Has Got Street Cred

In February 2009, Offer was arrested in Miami Beach after allegedly punching a woman who may or may not have been a prostitute. According to police reports, Offer attempted to kiss a woman he had brought back to his hotel room, and when she 'bit his tongue and would not let go,' he began wailing on her face (because, you know, a pitchman needs his tongue). Prosecutors would subsequently decline to file formal charges against either party, and Offer became known as a man not to be trifled with.

Vince Loves His Nuts

Yes, like Rudy Ray Moore, Snoop or countless other testiculally-obsessed rappers, Offer takes great pride in his nuts (proudly proclaiming that you'll 'love' them in the Slap Chop spot). And really, this will come in handy, especially when it comes to forcibly grabbing/wildly gesturing towards his crotch in any and all hip-hop videos. Every posse needs a dude willing to go there.