Eminem Takes His Own Life In 'Space Bound' Video

Eminem Takes His Own Life Inspace Boundvideo

Just when we thought [artist id='502642']Eminem[/artist] had fully escaped his demons following the release of his multiplatinum 2010 album Recovery, Marshall Mathers takes his own life with a single gunshot to the head in his new 'Space Bound' video, which is now available on iTunes.

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The video is a gut-wrenching look into another of Eminem's tumultuous relationships, much like the one exhibited in the video for 'Love the Way You Lie' — this time with deadly results.

Filmed in Los Angeles in February, the Joseph Kahn-directed clip starts with our leading man walking down a foggy road in the middle of the night. Obviously perturbed, a sullen Em marches on, hands in his pockets, until a passing car picks him up. In the driver's seat is the Detroit rapper's love interest, played by former porn star Sasha Grey. Things clearly aren't all peaches and cream.

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Eminem jumps in the front passenger seat, with a pensive look on his face, while another, more cynical version of Em rides in the back. The differences between the two Shadys are apparent. The front-seat version is calm, with his eyes darting back and forth between his girlfriend and the gun that sits in the glove compartment. The other Em is riled up, hurling insults at Grey, though she is unaware of his presence.

As the couple pulls up to a pit stop, Grey exits the vehicle first with a gun in her back pocket, while Em follows her. They enter a diner, Grey first and the rapper a few steps behind. Here, the director splits the screen and the two Eminems go their separate ways, one to the counter and the other to the booth where his girlfriend sits, texting on her cell phone.

Eminem grows suspicious of the texts and checks his girl's phone after she gets up to go to the bathroom. The rapper apparently finds what he has long suspected: His woman is cheating.

Throughout the video, Eminem follows Grey like a lost puppy. It's when they check into a motel room that the drama unfolds. Closing the door behind him, Eminem begins to attack his girlfriend before realizing that she wasn't even there in the first place. Left at the end of his rope, Eminem pulls out the gun, puts it to his chin and fires a single shot through his own head. Blood splatters, and Shady falls to the floor.

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Simultaneously, the alternate Eminem, who is still seated at the counter, is struck by the bullet as well, falling back off of his bar stool before the clip rewinds back to the beginning of the 4:30 video, where we once again see our leading man walking down that foggy road in the middle of the night.

Did Eminem imagine the entire ordeal? Or did his cheating girlfriend metaphorically kill the hopeless romantic, leaving only a distrustful version of himself? The image is jarring; the interpretation, however, is up to you.

How did you interpret Eminem's 'Space Bound' video? Tell us in the comments.