Emma Watson Had The Perfect Response To The Celeb Nude Photo Hack

Emma Watson Had Perfect Response Celeb Nude Photo Hack

Although she wasn't among the celebrities whose private photos were stolen and disseminated by hackers this weekend, Emma Watson is still lending her voice to the conversation about the leak -- and what she had to say was typically smart and incisive:


The actress spoke out on Twitter in the wake of a massive leak that included private photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and others, which were obtained by hackers who posted them online in an effort to earn bitcoins. The situation is now under investigation by the FBI.

Update: Apple Releases Statement On Celebrity Phone Hacking

It's no surprise to see this message coming from Watson, who's just as famous for being thoughtful and intelligent as she is for making movies, but it's still nice to see her calling out some of the seriously gross responses seen on the Internet in the wake of the scandal. Here's hoping the Internet pays attention.

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