'The Emperor's New Groove': 7 Kronk Facts That Are Better Than Spinach Puffs

Emperors New Groove

The world first met Kronk from the Disney movie ' The Emperor's New Groove ' 15 years ago this December. Arguably, this iconic, insanely quotable film would be nothing without Kronk's lovable nature and eccentricities. How else were we gonna learn how to speak squirrel?

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Because today is actor Patrick Warburton 's birthday — and without him, there is no Kronk — we rounded up some fun secrets he's shared over the years about himself and his cartoon counterpart.

  1. Warburton had zero idea what a 'Kronk' even was. Disney

    In an interview with the A.V. Club , he admitted, 'I didn’t know what a 'Kronk' was. Disney is very secretive. I just got four pages of material that had a 'Kronk' and an 'Yzma' on it. Well, what the hell is a Kronk? I wasn’t really sure if this Kronk was a robot, an ogre, a monster. The best determination I could make from reading the material is that he was something of a henchman.'

  2. He's a HUGE fan of Disney. Disney

    In an interview with Bullz-Eye , he confessed, 'I just grew up loving Disney, and I say that I love Disney as much as any straight man in the world can love Disney. I believe it’s the happiest place on Earth. I know that it’s…although it’s a corporation, you know, a huge corporation, I still believe that the soul of Walt Disney exists there, and I just love it. I love taking the kids; I love spending time there. It’s just a truly joyous place. So to get to work and be a part of anything Disney is still very special to me, I have to say.'

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  3. His parents legit think their son is going to Hell for being a cartoon. Disney

    Albeit, not for portraying Kronk. At Emerald City Comicon, Warburton shared with the crowd, 'My parents actually do believe that my soul is in peril, and that I’m really going to Hell for being in ‘Family Guy.'' His mother has actively tried to cancel the show, and has even 'filed formal complaints to the FCC,' and apparently 'Seth MacFarlane even has one on his wall.'

    FYI, Warburton plays Joe Swanson on the show.

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  4. When asked by a fan if it was tricky to learn 'squirrel' for the movie, Warburton responded in the best way possible. Disney

    He broke out Kronk's iconic voice and said, 'Well, I’ve gotta tell you – you really should be well-versed in the languages of all woodland creatures. (You totally read that in Kronk's voice just now, didn't you?)

  5. He never met star David Spade, aka Kuzco, during the entire filming process. Disney

    'As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know him then. I think I met him at the premiere of the movie,' he declared .

  6. And despite having the majority of scenes together, Warburton was never in the studio with Eartha Kitt, aka Yzma. Disney

    At Salt Lake Comic Con, Warburton told the audience, 'Eartha Kitt and I never worked together in the studio. They would record us individually.'

  7. Surprisingly, 'The Emperor's New Groove' is actually not the first movie to star Yzma and Kronk. Disney

    Also at SLCC, Warburton revealed, 'Twenty years prior to ['Emperor's'], I had done a movie with Eartha Kitt in South Africa, and this was one of the most horrible films ever made in the history of mankind...it's called ' Dragonard '...I do remember one thing about Eartha. She could be 100 feet behind ya, and you knew that she was there, because she ate raw garlic everyday.