Enemy Territory: Here Are The Challenge: Rivals III Competitors

Enemy Territory Here Are Challenge

Living under the same roof as a rival is not an easy feat -- but relying on said person for the entirety of a Challenge season is an entirely different story.

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Before the 13 opposite-sex teams take their marks for the 28th installment of the long-running series -- the first look at them in action can be seen in the trailer above -- get to know the 26 unique guys/gals (from past seasons of Real World , The Challenge and Are You the One? ) who will face off for the hefty cash prize and ALL of the glory. Bring on the awkward tension and screaming matches...

Check out the pairings below, share your thoughts on the latest crop of contestants in the comments and be sure to catch the premiere of The Challenge: Rivals III on Wednesday, May 4 at 10/9c!

  1. Leroy and Averey Ian Spanier

    During Battle of the Exes 2 , the dominant competitor was quick to defend his pal Johnny Reilly after the Real World: Portland alum claimed that his ex-girlfriend/fellow cast member cheated on him. Leroy firmly believes in the motto 'bros before hoes,' so there's no telling what is on the horizon for this talented duo.

  2. Bananas and Sarah Ian Spanier

    The five-time champ deemed his former friend's BOTE2 blindside as 'the most calculated, callous and heartless move ever.' The wounds are still fresh from that aforementioned shocking vote at the hands of the puzzle enthusiast, but can the dominant competitors mend fences and work together?

  3. Jamie and KellyAnne Ian Spanier

    The two hotheads infamously quarreled during Battle of the Bloodlines , and both players hurled some pretty damning words at each other in the heat of the moment. Bet they never thought that they needed to solely rely on each other in this unique environment...

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  4. Wes and Nany Ian Spanier

    These seasoned and outspoken vets have always found themselves on opposing sides because of their alliances and previous voting tactics. Different strategies aside, they will have to unite (not an easy feat) in order to take out the opposition.

  5. Nate and Christina

    When the duo learned that they were not a perfect match during the second installment of AYTO (after some intense flirting, mind you), Nate felt hurt that Christina was just stringing him along for the sake of the game.

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  6. Dario and Nicole Ian Spanier

    Last season, Dario made it no secret that he and his twin Raphy were gunning for Nicole and her cousin Nany to be ousted from the cutthroat competition. Can they let bygones be bygones and march ahead as a united front?

  7. Cory and Ashley Ian Spanier

    The Battle of the Bloodlines runner-up was the deciding vote in a decision to kick his erstwhile roommate Ashley out of the Real World: Ex-Plosion abode. Now, they will need to get on the same page to ensure that they are not in a position to be voted into The Pit.

  8. Tony and Camila Ian Spanier

    These two larger-than-life personalities got into a heated argument during their time in Turkey -- and as the trailer displays, tempers will most certainly flare up again when they are forced to work together.

  9. Devin and Cheyenne Ian Spanier

    The notorious pot-stirrer clashed with his fellow love hopefuls in Hawaii -- and Cheyenne was the loudest voice against his behavior toward the women during the ambitious dating experiment. While there's no doubt Devin is a master strategist (never forget his Red Solo cups!), will he and his partner get past the difficult rookie title and emerge as frontrunners?

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  10. Thomas and Simone Ian Spanier

    During BOTE2 , Thomas learned the hard way that he should not tell the sassy spitfire to mind her business. Case in point: Simone threw a bunch of beverages in Thomas' face -- 14 of 'em, to be exact.

  11. Vince and Jenna

    The two-time Challenge finalist isn't known for starting drama -- but Johnny Bananas' cousin got on her last nerve during their Turkey tenure. And while Jenna was the elimination queen during the past season, Vince had trouble during several of the missions -- but in order for success, both of them will need to conquer the physical and mental matches ahead.

  12. Johnny and Jess Ian Spanier

    These erstwhile roommates engaged in some childish and ugly name-calling during their Oregon stay -- and if Johnny had his way, he wouldn't even communicate with Jess.

  13. Brandon and Briana Ian Spanier

    Even though they were deemed a perfect match by a team of dating experts, Briana and Brandon -- simply put -- have never seen eye-to-eye.