Essential Guide to the New Vampires in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

Essential Guide New Vampires Inbreaking Dawn Part 2

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This week, we'll be giving a big farewell to 'The Twilight Saga' with the release of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' on Friday.

Judging by the clips and trailers we've seen so far, we can expect to see some serious vampire Bella ( Kristen Stewart ) action and get to catch up with the one and only Cullen coven. But, with a ton of other bloodlovers coming into the fold for the final film, Twi-hards should probably also brace for some new faces.

To help remind you who's who among the new coven vampires in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2,' we put together this handy dandy little refresher guide.

Denali Coven

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Sure, the Denalis were introduced as wedding guests in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1,' but these Alaskan vegetarian vamps have a much bigger stand in 'Part 2.' They're super-tight with the Cullens — even considering themselves faux cousins — and share their perspective on living amongst humankind in peace. That doesn't mean they're drama-free, however.

While Carmen ( Mia Maestro ), Eleazar ( Christian Camargo ), Tanya ( MyAnna Buring ), and Kate ( Casey LaBow ) all rush to the aid of our favorite vampire clan in their hour of need, Irina ( Maggie Grace ) still holds a grudge over their affiliation with the wolves (which took down Laurent, her new lover, in 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' after he aimed to kill Bella).

She shows up eventually, but she does not like what she sees in Renesmee ( Mackenzie Foy ). The little human-vampire hybrid is quick to win over most crowds, but, for Irina, she's just a reminder of her mother Sasha (Andrea Powell)'s insatiable baby vamp Vasilii, who got mum exterminated by the Volturi themselves for fear of revealing their secret to mankind. Embittered, Irina takes the news of Renesmee to the Volturi and sparks their decision to descend upon Forks and hash this thing out with the Cullens once and for all.

Special Powers : Eleazar has a knack for identifying the special powers of other vampires. He's the one who figures out what Bella's got going on with that mind shield of hers. Kate, meanwhile, has a buzzy gift as well; she can literally shock the socks off anyone who touches her skin.

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Relationships : Carmen and Eleazar are longtime mates who met each other before their adoptive coven members. Irina, Tanya and Kate consider themselves to be sisters, since they were all turned by Sasha more than a thousand years ago in Slovakia. Kate picks up a new man, Garrett the nomad ( Lee Pace ), while in Forks on Cullen business.

Dirty Little Secret : The Denali sisters are said to be the originators of the succubus myth because, before they earned their golden eyes with a people-friendly lifestyle, they had their way with human men.

What to Expect : Lots of family drama, internal conflict, a glimpse at their home and maybe a backstory.

Romanian Coven

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No one hates the Volturi quite like the Romanian duo of ancient vampires, Stefan ( Guri Weinberg , left) and Vladimir ( Noel Fisher ). Before the Volturi came along, these two had 10 others on their team and ruled the world for ages. Since they filled their army with brute strength rather than talent, though, the Volturi were able to ouster them from the throne and nearly destroy the Romanians altogether, including their mates. So, when the opportunity comes along for these two to have a showdown with their sworn enemies, they're all too eager to get on with the big fight and show up uninvited in Forks to join ranks with the Cullens.

Fun Trait : Stefan and Vladimir have been on the run together for so long that they tend to finish each other's sentences.

Nicknames : Dracula One and Dracula Two.

What to Expect : Comic relief and excessively pale skin.

Amazonian Coven

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Zafrina (Judi Shekoni) and Senna (Tracey Heggins) are two of the three she-vamps which comprise the Amazonian Coven. They've been pals with the Cullens for decades, so they agree to come serve as witnesses that Renesmee is in fact a mortal creature. They're so tall, lean and menacing that they even give Bella a case of the willies at first. They make fast friends with Renesmee, and Zafrina becomes the main one to help Bella practice her own new talent.

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Oh, and these two gals might strut around like feral creatures , but they don't drink animal blood.

Special Power : Zafrina's got the ability to supplant intensely real visual images into the minds of others, but she can't affect the sense of touch.

Relationship : Zafrina and Senna were both turned by their BFF Kachiri.

What to Expect : Zany costumes, fierce red eyes and some fun visuals.

Egyptian Coven

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As with human beings, the Egyptians are ancient. They're so old, in fact, that their coven leader Amun ( Omar Metwally ) is considered the oldest of all vamps. Needless to say, he was around to watch as the Volturi took down the Romanians, so, rather than being destroyed himself he and his lady Kebi ( Andrea Gabriel , right) joined Italy's finest and ducked out after a few centuries of playing along. He eventually added Benjamin ( Rami Malek , left) to their group, with the hope that his human magic tricks would transpire into a vampire talent of some sort — success! — and Benji made a mate for himself in Tia ( Angela Sarafyan ). Amun's a little erratic and possessive, though, so while he does agree to witness for the Cullens, he's not exactly friendly to everyone in the house.

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Special Power : Benjamin can physically manipulate the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Relationships : Amun and Kebi are ancient lovers, probably the oldest couple in the world. Benjamin and Tia are also together, as they were when they were human, but Amun is very possessive of his talented 'son' and keeps Tia at bay.

What to Expect : One bitter coven breakup, golden body makeup and (hopefully) fantastic CGI presentation of Benji's power.

Irish Coven

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The trio of Irish vamps are a fun bunch. Siobhan ( Lisa Howard , left) took newborn Liam ( Patrick Brennan ) under her wing about 500 years ago and they made three by turning Maggie ( Marlane Barnes ) in the seventeenth century. These three don't say much, but, thanks to Maggie's special gift, Carlisle and Esme know she'll prove important to the Cullens' cause.

Special Power : Maggie can tell when she's being lied to, and she isn't afraid to call someone out for fibbing.

Dirty Little Secret : Liam particularly likes the taste of the blood of Englishmen.

What to Expect : Stylish hats.

French Coven

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So the story goes, Melissa Rosenberg and Stephenie Meyer had a pow-wow about adding another red-eyed duo to the already heavy list of newcomers to 'Part 2,' and what they came up with was the French Coven, Henri (Amadou Ly) and Yvette (Janelle Froehlich). While we don't yet know for certain what they'll be up to in the film, all signs point to them being recruited by the Volturi.

Special Power : According to Amadou Ly, Henri is strong enough to simply 'flick' someone and send them straight into a wall. Yvette is also said to have an as-yet-unrevealed vampy talent.

What to Expect : Something unexpected!

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South Americans

The South American duo Huilen (Marisa Quinn) and Nahuel (J.D. Pardo) come along just in the nick of time. The pair is recruited by Alice and Jasper because Nahuel, like Renesmee, is a mortal human-vampire hybrid and can help in their plea for the Volturi to spare her.

Relationship : Huilen is Nahuel's aunt and progeny.

What to Expect : One triumphant arrival.


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Not all vampires team up the way the other covens have. There are several so-called nomads in the mix for 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' as well, including the lovable Garrett, Jasper's old friends Peter ( Erik Odom ) and Charlotte ( Valorie Curry ), Mary ( Toni Trucks ), Randall ( Billy Tangradi ), and Alistair ( Joe Anderson ). They all make way to Forks at Carlisle's request, and, when the threat of the Volturi nears, the only one to take off is the quirky loner Alistair.

Relationship : Peter and Charlotte are mates and were saved by Jasper during the Southern Wars alluded to in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.' Alistair and Carlisle are longtime friends, so, rather than taking sides with the Volturi when he suspects the Cullens will lose the fight, he ditches the scene altogether. Garrett gets more than friendly with Denali sister Kate during 'Breaking Dawn' and decides to pursue a romance with her.

Special Power : Alistair has the ability to track and can sense the large numbers traveling with the Volturi.

What to Expect : Quippy behaviors, tales of travel and maybe even some backstory action.

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(Originally published on Sept. 6, 2012)