Evan Peters Makes His Shocking Return To American Horror Story

Evan Peters Makes His Shocking Return American Horror Story

When it comes to American Horror Story , nothing is certain, except for death and Evan Peters . However, during this season of AHS , we’ve seen nary a hair on Peters’s pretty little ( and possibly red ) head — until now. After four weeks of seeing the hashtag #WhereIsEvanPeters all over our timelines , the show finally revealed its ace in Chapter Five.

In the opening scene, Peters made his memorable debut as Edward Philippe Mott. Yes, Dandy Mott’s great-great-great-great-great ancestor — and trust us: Crazy runs in the family. Not only was Edward crazy enough to build a mansion on haunted land, but he was also quite the character, as Evans has been known to portray on the anthology series.

With his powdered colonial wig and overwrought speech, Edward Philippe Mott was a petulant man-child who terrorized his servants. He hated being around people, so he thought buying property in rural North Carolina would give him solace. Not to mention, it would make for a sweet display for his precious artwork. But he also had a softer side, one he occasionally showed to his black male lover, Guinness. (Since this was the 1700s, Guinness was technically Edward’s slave, but they hooked up on the side.) Needless to say, AHS fans were ecstatic to see Peters back on their television screens:

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Of course, it only took two days before things started getting weird in the mansion. The Roanoke spirits slashed his paintings as a warning, but Edward didn’t get the hint. Instead, he punished his poor servants by locking them in the cellar. That night, he fell victim to The Butcher and her colony when they impaled him with a wooden pike and set him on fire. (Though we know the last Mott died in Florida in 1952.) And just like that, our hopes and dreams of seeing more of Peters were dashed .


But we should have known that wouldn’t be the last of Mott. You see, Edward, even in death, was extremely antisocial. So when Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Shelby (Sarah Paulson) needed refuge from The Butcher and her band of bloodthirsty crazies, Edward led them out of the mansion through a series of underground tunnels he had built for his artwork hundreds of years ago.

I have one last sliver of grace: my solitude, he told Matt and Shelby in the woods. I can hardly suffer three more souls.

Petulant and petty. This is Peters at his best. It’s unclear what kind of role he’ll play moving forward — after all, we’re assuming that Peters, like Paulson and Gooding Jr., is a reenactment actor and not the actual ghost of Edward Philippe Mott. Does this mean h’'ll have a larger part in the second part of the season? The preview for the next episode featured a producer on My Roanoke Nightmare (played by Cheyenne Jackson) telling his cameraman to keep the cameras rolling, no matter what. So it would seem that next week’s episode will not only break the fourth wall, but will also have a major twist that will change the trajectory of the entire season .

As long as there’s more Peters, we’re good.