Ever Wondered What Disney Princes Look Like With Dadbod? You’re In Luck

Ever Wondered What Disney Princes Look Like With Dadbod

Why doesn't Tarzan have any body hair? And what would Beast look like with a pot belly? Disney princesses have already been reimagined with realistic bodies, and thanks to Loryn Brantz and Jean-Luc Bouchard at BuzzFeed , now it's time for some Disney boys to get their turn.

Even though they're cartoons, Disney movies contribute to how children see the world, which is why artists around the world have been redrawing these iconic characters in a more realistic light -- with historically accurate costumes , no makeup and more.

In this vein, BuzzFeed poses the question: Would Aladdin be as strapping as he was in the movie, or would he have the body of every teenage boy not on 'Glee'?

Brantz also imagines the non-corseted bodies of Disney's Prince Naveen, Prince Phillip, John Smith and others. The most changed man is Prince Eric, who still is pretty dreamy with his royal dadbod.

Go on over to BuzzFeed to see the rest of the realistic princes, and to check out more of Loryn's artwork, peep her Facebook .