Every Costume And Plastic Genital Miley Cyrus Wore For Her 'Dead Petz' Tour Kick-Off

Every Costume Plastic Genital Miley Cyrus Wore

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Miley Cyrus kicked off her club tour for 'Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz' last night in Chicago, finally revealing that her many on-stage looks are as Miley Cyrus as you can get. From moon boots, to gold leotards, to things that can't be properly described through words, Miley's tour wardrobe is truly out of this world. Allow us to break it all down for you.

  • The Leotard and Promotional Belt Getty Images

    Miley's no stranger to wearing little to no clothing, so her gold high-rise leotard paired with sheer gold tights comes off as basic, everyday wear for her. To add some extra interest, she also added a silver chain belt with letters spelling 'DEAD PETS' dangling off of it

  • The Sun and Moon Boots Getty Images

    Just when you think you've seen it all from Miley, she comes out wearing a giant smiley face sun with long strips of fabric serving as its rays. Her shoe of choice for the tour is a large and glittery silver Moon Boot. Paired with the sun, this tour's wardrobe definitely has a strong galactic theme.

  • The Jacket Getty Images

    Miley can even make being fully covered seem over-the-top as demonstrated by her metallic gold jacket with giant 3D letters protruding from it, spelling out 'DO IT.' As you can imagine, she wore this while performing the song 'Dooo It.'

  • The Disco Ball https://instagram.com/p/-T4UB4ggIt/

    According to Burnt Soul Clothing, creating Miley's mesmerizing disco ball outfit was quite the feat. They posted this shot to their Instagram saying, 'After 5 days and nights of work, 8,000 mirror tiles, £70 worth of glue, watching a whole season of The Hills, 10 plasters, 60+ cups of coffee, 4 Harry Potters and one hand super glued into the catsuit, it finally happened! IT'S @mileycyrus!!'

  • The Bedazzled Milk https://instagram.com/p/-UZdQ6wzPv/

    It wouldn't be the #milkymilkymilktour without a milky look. Miley's top is a dazzling box of rhinestones spelling out 'MILKY' connecting to her white latex spilled milk-inspired skirt.

  • The Stick Of Butter https://instagram.com/p/-Ufcc_QzKt/

    Keeping with the dairy theme, Miley also sported a sparkly yellow butter costume.

  • The Moon https://instagram.com/p/-T-MgcuY0w/

    Probably her simplest accessory of the night, she added a glittering crescent moon on top of her gold leotard.

  • The BB https://instagram.com/p/-T-h_UyeqS/

    We can now add 'adult baby with giant rhinestone bottle' to the list of weirdest things Miley Cyrus has ever worn.

  • The Pasties and Fur Coat https://instagram.com/p/-T-43nwJtE/

    It wouldn't be a true Miley Cyrus show without some sort of pastie. She added a multicolor faux fur coat on top, because hey, it gets cold in Chicago.

  • The Unicorn https://instagram.com/p/-TF4eewP0I/

    While wearing a wig with a unicorn horn attached along with a shirt with a patch of her dog Floyd on it, Miley came out waving a rainbow flag in what was her most subtle look of the night.

  • The Fake Boobs and Dildo Instagram/Ashleigh Hamrick

    Just kidding! Underneath that shirt was a prosthetic breast plate and comically large dildo . As the saying goes, she's just being Miley.