Every Game Of Thrones Character Killed In The Battle Of Winterfell

Every Game Thrones Character Killed Battle Winterfell

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Sunday (March 28) was a Long Night indeed for some of the Game of Thrones cast.

The anticipated battle to save Winterfell saw a litany of deaths happen over the course of the super-sized episode, with several significant characters falling in combat.

While we didn’t see any of the show’s central characters like Jon ( Kit Harington ), Arya ( Maisie Williams ), Daenerys ( Emilia Clarke ) or any of the other 'main' cast unceremoniously taken out, there were still plenty of beloved Game of Thrones personalities who were lost. That’s including one particular individual who no one is mourning now that it’s all over, though.

But though one enormous battle has been won, the war is still far from over. The battle for the Iron Throne is still in progress, and all the major players are have a few episodes left to make their moves. Before we hurtle toward the series’ epic conclusion years in the making, however, let’s take a look back at the fallen from Episode 3, 'The Long Night.'

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from Episode 3 of Game of Thrones Season 8.

  • Night King (Vladimír Furdík) HBO

    You knew this was coming. It's still satisfying to think that the leader of the wights fell in battle, though, and while basically no one is going to miss him, the lack of his imposing presence will still be felt throughout Game of Thrones . The menace was toppled by one Arya Stark, who plunged her Valyrian steel dagger into him – the very same one we've seen here and there throughout the series since the beginning. Valyrian steel is one of the only things that can kill a White Walker, and after Arya 'stuck him with the pointy end,' he immediately imploded – killing the rest of the wights with him.

  • Dolorous Edd (Ben Crompton) HBO

    This brother of the Night’s Watch, also known as Eddison Tollett, was named acting Lord Commander of the group before Jon Snow left Castle Black and gave up the cloak forever. A sardonic man who was close friends with Snow, Samwell Tarly, and other members of the Night’s Watch, he actually saved Tarly before succumbing to a fatal blow from a wight from behind. A fiercely loyal ally to the end, it’s because of Edd that Sam was able to see another day, and for that we’re thankful.

  • Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) HBO

    The Lord of Blackhaven and head of House Dondarrion has been through several reanimations over the course of his life, thanks to the Red Priest Thoros of Myr – over five times, in fact. But with the death of Thoros during an expedition beyond the Wall accompanying Jon Snow and Sandor Clegane, Thoros was killed. That means there will be no more lives for Beric, who along with The Hound himself, saved Arya from becoming White Walker chow. Unfortunately, this meant he sustained fatal injuries. Melisandre foresaw this, noting that Beric's mission was 'completed,' however, so now hopefully poor Beric can rest in peace, as he saved the life of the one who would ultimately take the Night King's life.

  • Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) HBO

    The young Lyanna Mormont, previously Lady of Bear Island and head of House Mormont, was Ser Jorah's first cousin. Named after Lyanna Stark herself, this courageous young woman first declared Jon Snow the King in the North, and has always been a stalwart ally to House Stark. Unfortunately, she met her grisly end in 'The Long Night' after fighting bravely in battle. She fearlessly took on a giant wight (R.I.P. Wun Wun) who thought she'd be a pushover, stabbing the monstrous being with one fatal blow to the eye. Unfortunately, she succumbed to her crushing internal injuries as well, but she helped defend Winterfell and the living up until the end. We thank you for your sacrifice, Lyanna!

  • Melisandre (Carice van Houten) HBO

    Though Melisandre (also known as the Red Woman) has been a massively frustrating character since her Game of Thrones debut, she's become something of an ally to the central characters over time. Originally a counselor to Stannis Baratheon during his bid to overtake the Iron Throne, she eventually brought Jon Snow back to life, which put her in the 'green,' so to speak, with fans despite her previous transgressions. When the Red Priestess arrived in Winterfell as everyone prepared for battle, she used her magical powers in an attempt to help keep the Night King and his army from proceeding further into Winterfell. Her contributions to the battle certainly didn't go unnoticed, and were very much appreciated by those fighting the good fight. She even ended up giving Arya an all-important coaching that could have been what spurred the young Stark into action to kill the Night King. After she accomplished what she came to Winterfell to ultimately do — fulfilling her duty to the Lord of Light — she finally let go of her magical amulet, grew old immediately, and died before dawn.

  • Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) HBO

    Ser Jorah had been at Daenerys' side ever since swearing fealty to the flaxen-haired Targaryen, assisting her with her newfound life as a Khaleesi of the Dothraki. The complex, fan-favorite character gave his life to defend her after spending most of it doing the same. After Daenerys fell from her dragon Drogon as it was being attacked by wights, Jorah leapt to her aid. Even though his chance at becoming Hand of the Queen was squandered thanks to his previous actions (working as a spy for Varys), he died in the arms of the woman he had devoted much of his life to serving in a moving tearjerker of an exit.

  • Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) HBO

    Who lived a more mournful life than Theon Greyjoy? Sure, he might have deserved much of the abuse thrown his way by Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon), but no one is incapable of change, and change Theon did. Despite his past misdeeds, by the time the Battle of Winterfell rolled around, he had redeemed himself in the eyes of many fans after defending Three-Eyed Raven Bran. In fact, it was Bran who offered some of the kindest words poor Theon had ever heard: 'Theon, you're a good man. Thank you.' It seems those simple words were all Theon really needed to summon all his courage and charge at the Night King. He didn't always do what was right, but he ended up dying while protecting the Starks at Wnterfell — his home — and we think Ned would be proud.

With much of the central Game of Thrones cast left, it's time to see what's in store for the most villainous character remaining in Westeros: Cersei Lannister. Who will end up taking the throne?

We have three episodes left, so we'll be waiting with bated breath for the results — just like the rest of the world.