Every Last One Of Charli XCX And Rita Ora's Ab-Baring 'Doing It' Video Looks

Every Last One Charli Xcx

Charli XCX and Rita Ora just debuted the new music video for their single 'Doing It' off of Charli's new album, and...wow. Let us be the first to tell you that the Thelma and Louise-esque vid packs all the 'Pu--- Power' you could ever want, on top of some truly A++ looks. From gold nipple tassles to a pink cowgirl outfit, they're rocking some neon midwestern Vegas vintage ensembles (a style that did not exist until today) that we all need to dissect/appreciate/obsess over ASAP.

Between Charli's high-waisted patchwork denim cut-offs and her cherry-red crop top, this look is definitely one of our faves. The mass of bright green Crocs floating in the pool and the elderly Speedo photobomb in the background? Icing on the cake.

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IDK about you, but an armed robbery just wouldn't be complete without some metallic Union Jack face masks. They add a lil somethin' special, u kno?

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Even without the face masks, Rita and Charli's 'life of crime' outfits still manage to look on point. Charli's white peasant top is giving us early-millennium flashbacks (also: ABS), and we can't get enough of that striped, belted romper Rita has on. Very '70s.

Just when we were getting used to those looks, BAM. A fierce outfit change that leaves us with a few questions: 1.) Is there a magic telephone booth in the desert somewhere that can provide us with fluffy purple trench coats? 2.) Is Rita's pantsuit covered in Warholian Marilyn Monroes and James Deans? WE NEED IT.

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WHOA. The furry purple trench. The iridescent pastel pants and lace-up bustier. The diamond choker-belly-chain. Charli is serving us a lot of look here, but she nails it (and we're not even just saying that because we feel threatened by those burly dudes...OK, maybe it's part of the reason).

Like...where do we start? Our love for Charli XCX was immediately sealed upon seeing this incredible pink and gold cowgirl outfit. In addition to soaring to the top of our list for 2015 Halloween costume ideas, her feminine take on the Wild Wild West is the perfect addition to this kitschy video. From the sky-high gold platforms to the fringe to the itty-bitty pink silk top, we bow.

BONUS: shirtless cops with gold star nipple tassles. Because duh.

If you still want more, watch Charli and Rita's incredible vid and check out all the looks for yourself below!