Every Marvel Post-Credits Scene Ranked, From 'Iron Man' Through 'Ant-Man'

Every Marvel Post Credits Scene Ranked

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It's been a minute since the last time we ranked the Marvel Studios post-credits scenes . And by a minute, I mean two years. A lot has happened since then. Guardians have defended the galaxy, helicarriers and countries have fallen from the sky, ants have become men… seriously, a lot!

With that in mind, there's no time like the present to revisit the idea and re-rank the great Marvel post-credits scenes, as well as the mid-credits moments, all the way from 'Iron Man' through 'Ant-Man.'

(Yep, that means 'ANT-MAN' SPOILERS ARE AHEAD , so proceed with that in mind!)

My take is a bit different from the wonderful writer who tackled this assignment last time, and I'm sure it's different from yours, so feel free to agree or disagree by joining us in the comments below. You'll like it down there. We have shawarma.

  1. The Cap and the Fury-ous (' Captain America: The First Avenger ') Marvel

    It's less a post-credits scene, and more a post-credits trailer for 'The Avengers,' which was fine at the time of release, because, you know, 'Avengers!' But now it's just a trailer without much replay value.

  2. One Last Smooch (' Thor: The Dark World ') Marvel

    It was sweet, but sweet's not going to cut it on a list with multiple Thanos appearances.

  3. Bucky Barnes Goes to Washington (' Captain America: The Winter Soldier ') Marvel

    Nice to see that the Winter Soldier's memories are starting to come back, but not exactly a mind-blowing tease.

  4. Bruce Shrinks Tony (' Iron Man 3 ') Marvel

    As in, he serves as his Science Bro's psychologist for about a two-hour runtime. Cute gag, and always great to see these besties together, but there's just some stiffer competition ahead.

  5. An Iron Man Walks Into A Bar (' The Incredible Hulk ') Marvel

    The surprise on-screen meeting between Tony Stark and Thunderbolt Ross never really paid off — at least not yet. In retrospect, it's a pretty solid tease for the dynamic we'll see between the two of them in 'Civil War.'

  6. The Man in the Mirror (' Thor ') Marvel

    An exciting tease for 'Avengers,' and an even more exciting reveal that Loki didn't die at the end of 'Thor.' Good thing, too, otherwise Hiddleston's Army would have rioted.

  7. Plight of the Falcon (' Ant-Man ') Marvel

    'I know a guy.' Four little words about the littlest Marvel hero, spoken by Sam Wilson, paving the way for Scott Lang to join up with Captain America's Avengers. Thank you, Falcon, for coming up with a scheme that closes out Phase Two in style. Also, can we get Bucky some Advil, please?

  8. STOP! Hammer Time! (' Iron Man 2 ') Marvel

    The first glimpse at the third superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — or at least a glimpse at said hero's weapon — was a pretty exhilarating moment so early on in the MCU's existence. Plus, Coulson. Can't go wrong with Coulson. (Hold your 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' jokes, people, because that show got GOOD.)

  9. An Infinite Workload (' Avengers: Age of Ultron ') Marvel

    Thanos' first post-credits appearance wins out over his second one, on shock value alone, but the Mad Titan slipping on the gauntlet and vowing to take on the job of conquering Earth himself was still a big deal.

  10. The Collector's Kingdom ('Thor: The Dark World') Marvel

    There's not enough Benicio del Toro in the Marvel movies, so we'll take what we can get out of his complete and total weirdo performance.

  11. Hashtag Twinning ('Captain America: The Winter Soldier') Marvel

    The first sighting of the Maximoff twins wasn't just a cool tease for fans, but also an incredibly haunting image that almost felt like it was ripped from a sci-fi horror movie. Cool stuff.

  12. Peeking Duck (' Guardians of the Galaxy ') Marvel

    Hello, Howard! We might never see you again, but nice to know you exist in the MCU!

  13. Along Came a Wasp ('Ant-Man') Marvel

    'About damn time.' Damn straight, Hope. The only gripe I have about this, and it's a big one, is that we didn't get to see Hope in costume during 'Ant-Man,' but at least we have the firm promise that the Wasp will take flight in the years ahead.

  14. Dancing Baby Groot ('Guardians of the Galaxy') Marvel

    No talk. Just dance.

  15. The Mad Titan (' Marvel's The Avengers ') Marvel

    The first appearance of Thanos, and the first sighting of a cosmic killer who still hasn't made his full impact on the Marvel heroes, three full years and counting later. But we're waiting, as patiently as possible.

  16. And Then Shawarma After ('Marvel's The Avengers') Marvel

    Yo Thanos, I'm really happy for you and I'll let you finish, but the shawarma scene is one of the best Marvel post-credits scenes of all time — and definitely the best in 'The Avengers.'

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  17. An Eye Toward the Future (' Iron Man ') Marvel

    Without Nick Fury showing up at Tony Stark's house and saying the words 'Avengers Initiative,' we would not be where we are today — so hail to the King. To paraphrase a wise man from an entirely different superhero movie , all other post-credits scenes are number two, or lower.