Every Shirt Cisco Ramon Wore On ‘The Flash,’ Ranked By Awesomeness

Every Shirt Cisco Ramon Wore Flash

Next week marks the return of ' The Flash ' to our television screens, and you know what that means: time for everybody's favorite dorky engineer, Cisco Ramon ( Carlos Valdes ) to update his wardrobe with some brand new awesome t-shirts!

Sure, we tuned in every week to watch Barry Allen save the day with his super speed, but it was Cisco who permanently wormed his way into our hearts with his love of science and goofy jokes -- both of which appeared on his chest on a regular basis, and often at the same time. Here are the shirts we hope make a return appearance for season 2, and the ones we think could probably stay in th closet for good:

  1. The 'This Is My Spot!' Shirt The CW/Snorgtees

    Cisco doesn't strike me as a 'Big Bang Theory' watcher -- mostly because he's, you know, an actual nerd, and they tend to be pretty dismissive of that show. So this obscure inside joke from the series, as represented by a Snorgtees shirt, feels off to me.

  2. The 'Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock' Shirt The CW/ThinkGeek

    But at least his 'Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock' shirt from ThinkGeek is pretty cool, I guess. Maybe his parents are buying these shirts for him or something?

  3. The 'Wait, I Think There's Something On That Shirt?' Shirt The CW/Threadless

    Oh, it's army men! Couldn't tell because Cisco had this Threadless tee hidden away. Boo that.

  4. The SeeSaw shirt The CW/Threadless

    Dorky science joke, check -- but this is not the Threadless shirt you want to wear when you've got a backpack strapped to you. I can't even see what's on it!

  5. The Tired Tire Shirt The CW/Threadless

    It's kind of hard to tell what this Threadless tee is from far away, and it's not NEARLY nerdy enough for our boy Cisco.

  6. The Kidrobot Shirt The CW/Threadless

    In my head Cisco isn't much of a Kidrobot person either (save for their amazing 'Adventure Time' figures), but this Threadless shirt of the toy company's mascot is pretty effin' cool, so it gets a pass.

  7. The 'Entropy Happens' Shirt The CW

    True statement (especially for scientists), but kind of a bland shirt -- so much so that we couldn't track it down anywhere except for Wayward Tees .

  8. The Astronaut Shirt The CW

    This shirt by Tastemakers used to have the astronaut duning a cosmic basketball, which is totally awesome. Why'd they get rid of that? Because Cisco isn't a sports person? He's also not a robot and he has a lot of robot shirts. I call shenanigans.

  9. The Caffeine Molecule shirt. CW/ThinkGeek

    This Thinkgeek tee is understated, but cute. But is Cisco even that much of a coffee drinker? I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen him in Jitters.

  10. The 'Space Invader' Shirt The CW/Threadless

    A good shirt to meet a badass superhero in, right? Thanks, Threadless !

  11. The 'Keep Calm and Han Shot First' Shirt The CW/Teepublic

    Yeah, that's right, Greedo can suck it! We're not sure where this shirt originated, but you can buy something like it at Teepublic .

  12. The 'Astrosmash' Shirt The CW/CBS

    Okay, actually? Considering that Sheldon wears this shirt on 'The Big Bang Theory' often, I think we're gonna have to suck it up and call Cisco a 'BBT' fan. But that's okay, because this shirt from the CBS store is rad.

  13. The Bow and Arrow Compass Thingy Shirt The CW/Threadless

    I am officially docking Cisco on this Threadless tee because he didn't wear it during the 'Flash'/'Arrow' crossover. For shame , Mr. Ramon.

  14. The Oh My God Look At All These TV Screens Shirt The Cw/Threadless

    From Threadless , of course. Ramon sure likes t-shirts with lots of busy stuff on 'em.

  15. The Nintendohead Shirt The CW/Threadless

    AKA, totally what baby Cisco Ramon was like via a Threadless t-shirt.

  16. The Crapton of Video Game Controllers Shirt The CW/Threadless

    If there's two things Cisco likes in his t-shirts, it's old timey video game references and giant arranged piles of stuff. This one from Threadless is both. Good on ya, Cisco.

  17. The 'Burgerman' Shirt The CW/Threadless

    This Threadless tee has an adorable burger in gym socks on it. If you're wondering why Cisco would love this, you're clearly not a human with eyeballs. Eat your heart out, Big Belly Burger!

  18. The Duck In An Inner Tube Shirt The CW/Threadless

    Why? Because Threadless , that's why.

  19. The 'Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe' Shirt The CW/Threadless

    It's a video game reference and and art history reference, all in one Threadless shirt! Good job, Ramon.

  20. The 'Dinosaurs Vs. Robots Vs. Aliens' Shirt The CW/Threadless

    Should we be concerned abot how much money Cisco spends at Threadless ? Not when his shirts are FULL OF LASERS AND ROBOTS, we shouldn't.

  21. The Conductor Shirt The CW/Imaginary Foundation

    I'm basically in awe of this Imaginary Foundation shirt. No surprise Cisco has more than a few of these.

  22. The 'Event Horizon' shirt. The CW/Threadless

    A stylish and surprisingly prescient pick from Threadless , especially considering the way the season ends. Maybe Cisco's secret metahuman power is that he's fashion psychic?

  23. The Holy Crap Look At That Shirt The CW/The Imaginary Foundations

    Man, would you just get a look at this thing? It's gorgeous. Mad props to The Imaginary Foundation for designing it.

  24. The 'I Bet Cisco Likes 'Doctor Who'' Shirt The CW/Imaginary Foundation

    Hey, that's what I think of when I see this other Imaginary Foundation shirt.

  25. The 'Adventure Time' Shirt The CW/Cartoon Network

    Of COURSE Cisco loves 'Adventure Time.' Of course he does. And this J.C. Penny shirt is perfect for him -- although good luck finding it in stores now.

  26. The 'Bravest Warriors' Shirt The CW/Cartoon Hangover

    HE'S WEARING A CATBUG SHIRT THAT IS THE BEST CHARACTER ON THAT SHOW FULL STOP. I love you, Cisco. It used to be available on WeLoveFine, and you can still grab the same design on wallets and bags.

    Sabrina Carpenter e Rowan Blanchard
  27. The Lightsaber Narwhals Shirt The CW/Threadless

    It's impossible not to squeal with glee when looking at this shirt full of Starwhals. Nar Wars? Either way, Threadless is just the best.

  28. The Google Map Galaxy Shirt The CW/Threadless

    Even more than the Narwhal shirt, this Threadless tee is the quintessential Cisco Ramon garment -- it's totally willing to make a super nerdy, detailed joke, but with one eye on the big fancy scientific picture. And he wears it a lot. If he hasn't died once already I'd say he should be buried in it, but that feels wrong.