Everyone On 'Girls' Has Brand New Hair

Everyone Ongirlshas Brand New Hair

With the exception of Hannah Horvath chopping off her hair in season two, the hair on Girls has been pretty consistent. Soshanna is an expert at, um, unusual ’dos, Marnie does straight and simple expertly, and Jessa lets her mane grow long and free. Off-camera, though, Lena Dunham, Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke, and Allison Williams all recently changed up their hair—and we're talking way more than just a trim.


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Yesterday at NYFW's Honor show, Zosia Mamet debuted her platinum hair. So, is there something in the water over on the Girls set? Half of ladies are totally blonde now—maybe all future seasons should temporarily be renamed (Platinum) Girls ?


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The other platinum girl, of course, is Lena Dunham, who recently cut off most of her hair and bleached the rest of it . Yesterday at NYFW, Lena showed us what a pinned back pixie looks like.

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Jemima Kirke also changed her hair color dramatically, though she went pink instead of platinum. OK, new show title: Plantinum and Pink Girls .



So Allison Williams didn't actually cut her hair off, but if she wanted new hair like her costars, her Peter Pan pixie wouldn't be a bad option, TBH.