Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 'Mars War Logs' But Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Always Wanted Know Aboutmars War Logsbut Were Afraid Ask

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This behind-the-scenes trailer from Spiders Studio's ' Mars War Logs ' gives you a glimpse at the gameplay and story for the upcoming RPG.

Espers, class warfare, and revolution on the Red Planet are the promises of 'Mars War Logs,' the dialog-based RPG from Spiders Studio. This 'Overview' trailer lays out how the game will work mechanically (it looks like a mix of exploration, dialog, and combat--no huge surprises), but one additional mechanic is your character's ability to loot the bodies of fallen enemies for cash which can in turn negative influence the locals' perception of you. Money or friends?

From the developer:

Over a century after the catastrophe that shook Mars and threw its colonists into chaos, power is now shared between the different companies distributing the arid planet's most precious asset: water. The conservative and somewhat archaic Abundance thus struggles to maintain its influence in the face of Aurora, a young guild whose power stems from their plethora of Technomancers, people capable of focusing their energy in Terran artefacts to create devastating magical effects.

Our story begins in the middle of these struggles, when a young prisoner of Abundance meets Roy, a cynical an unwavering man, and decides to keep a war diary...

'Mars War Logs' is coming to the PC in May and the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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