Everything You Need To Know About One Direction’s Made In The A.M.

Everything You Need Know About One Direction S Made

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One Direction have been kind enough to release a new song each day in anticipation of their album release, but soon we can finally listen to Made In The A.M. from front to back.

This album marks the band's fifth and final effort before taking their extended hiatus next year, and their first as a foursome since Zayn Malik left the band in March.

They have promised Directioners time and time again that this is their 'best' album yet. Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam have written on nearly every song off the album, which has them showing off their maturity in their lyrics and experimenting with different sounds.

As we inch closer to release day, we want to make sure all you Directioners are fully prepared for what's in store, so here is everything you need to know about Made In The A.M.

  1. They Are 'Proud' Of The Album Getty Images

    Although Zayn leaving the group made the recording process 'different,' it actually didn't change the focus of the album, which was to make the 'best record we can.'

    'I think everyone was on the same page,' Harry recently said . 'We wanted to work really hard on the album and make something that we are proud of, which fortunately, we feel like we have done.

  2. They Had The 'Perfect' Response To Taylor Swift Kevin Mazur/Wireimage; George Pimentel/LP5/Getty

    With pretty telling lyrics and a music video that looks like it took a page out of 'Style,' it's pretty hard to deny that 'Perfect' is a response to Taylor Swift's rumored songs about ex Harry Styles. Either way, it's a great song.

  3. It Was A Group Effort https://instagram.com/p/9tA39rymnp/?taken-by=onedirection

    While they wrote with a lot of their regular contributors -- Julian Bunetta, Jamie Scott, John Ryan -- the boys were very hands on as well with Liam saying it's 'the most we’ve ever written together.'

  4. They've Got A Power Ballad https://twitter.com/onedirection/status/664129656375767040

    While it may be fun to think that 'Love You Goodbye' is about Zayn , especially with lyrics like, 'It’s impossible to know that after this we can still be friends,' it's actually about an ex.

    'Just the idea of the song is interesting to me,' Louis, who co-wrote the song, said in a video posted by the band. 'Everybody has that song after a break-up where you do have to see your ex again, and it's kind of about that.'

  5. Louis Is Hitting Those High Notes John Medina/WireImage

    While Harry filled in the high-note void left by Zayn on 'Drag Me Down' and 'Perfect,' Louis has also been stepping up, showing off notes we never knew he could hit on 'End Of The Day' and 'Love You Goodbye.'

  6. They Have A Lot Of 'History' With Their Directioners One Direction | Instagram

    On the hand-clapping, feel-good 'History,' the band promise it's 'not the end' and say it's a song 'about the way the fans and everyone have created this massive thing — One Direction.'

  7. They Have No Control 2.0

    'No Control' was clearly a fan favorite off their last album, Four , and luckily, there is one off their new album that gives us similar vibes, 'Temporary Fix.' During a fan listening session, the guys played this track, which showed off their more mature side, especially with lyrics implying that they are singing about a one night stand. 'You can call me when you’re lonely, when you can’t sleep/ I’ll be your temporary fix, you control me/ even if it’s just tonight, yeah yeah yeah,' they sing.

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  8. It's Got Some Throwback Influences https://instagram.com/p/93uYqpMyMz/?taken-by=niallhoran

    The band clearly channeled their musical influences on this album, with the Fleetwood Mac-sounding 'What A Feeling' and the Paul Simon-inspired 'Walking in the Wind.' Harry recently said that the song's influence was Simon's 1986 album Graceland and that it's 'cool to be able to have influences that you’ve love for so long. I really like this song… I think it’s a nice one.'

  9. All The Girls Named Olivia Are Really Lucky https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/659882199660044288?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

    First they sang about a girl named 'Diana,' but now girls named 'Olivia' get a chance to be the object of 1D's affection. The band recorded this in the famed Abbey Road studios, and reportedly, it has a Beatles type of vibe to it.

  10. It Was Literally Made In The A.M.

    There's actually no real deep meaning behind the album title other than that they wrote and recorded most of it during the early morning hours.

    'A lot of the time we did it after shows, writing sessions after the shows and it kind of just seems to be the way we've done it now for the last two or three albums,' Louis said in a recent radio interview .

  11. It's About One Direction's Personal Experiences Getty Images You may learn a thing or two about 1D while listening to this album: 'All these songs are taking everyone's experiences and we're trying to say what we're feeling but also give it a broad enough feel for whatever anyone else is experiencing...' Bunetta told Rolling Stone magazine. There's a lot of love and loss and success and failure crammed into this, and we just had the most fun you can ever have doing it. That's the truth.'