Every 'Walking Dead' Main Character Death, Ranked By Grossness

Everywalking Deadmain Character Death

For a show so steeped in blood and brains right away with its very premise, ' The Walking Dead ' sure as heck upped the ante with the most recent episode, ' Spend ,' killing off one of the newest main characters in shockingly gory fashion.

Was Noah's demise the goriest main character death in 'Walking Dead' history? Let's run down the list of all the major people who have died along the way, and see just how gross it really was:

  1. The Governor AMC

    For such a flamboyant force of evil, the wretched Woodbury kingpin went out pretty quietly, put to death by a combo-platter of Michonne's sword and Lily's gun. The death of the Governor's eye was one of the nastiest moments in the show's history, but the death of the actual Governor himself? Could've been much worse.

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  2. Beth Greene AMC

    It says a lot that a swift gunshot to the head doesn't set off too many alarms where major 'Walking Dead' deaths are concerned.

  3. Shane Walsh AMC

    A knife to the heart, followed by a gunshot to the head after zombie resurrection. If not for the walker makeover, Shane's two deaths would barely register on the list of gross main character exits.

  4. Sophia Peletier AMC

    Forget how frustrating it was when we found out she was in the barn the whole time, and remember how brutal it was to see her emerge in her new, zombified state. Her snarling, rotting appearance is one of the most difficult and haunting images in the show's whole history.

  5. Andrea AMC

    It wasn't the grossest death, but Andrea's walker bite was fairly gnarly, and the 'Saw'-inspired way in which the Governor engineered her demise was pretty rough for everyone involved.

  6. Milton AMC

    The Governor's former right hand man bled out slowly before returning as a walker and taking a big bite out of Andrea. Scores points over Shane due to prolonged bleeding out, and points over Andrea for zombification.

  7. Martinez AMC

    The poor man's Noah. While Martinez suffered the same fate as the most recently departed 'Walking Dead' cast member (see: complete evisceration at the hands of hungry zombies), it happens off-screen, so hard to get too twisted up about it. Plus, he was kind of a bad dude, wasn't he?

  8. Tyreese AMC

    As far as sad, mournful main character deaths go, Tyreese comes close to the top of the list. In terms of gore, it's no slouch, what with Tyreese suffering not one but two walker bites to the same spot on his forearm — followed by a swift (but not swift enough) dismemberment of his infected arm.

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  9. Gareth AMC

    It would've been appropriate if Rick and friends ate up Gareth and the rest of the Terminus cannibals, but an avalanche of machetes to the face is a bloody disgusting consolation prize.

  10. Lizzie and Mika Samuels AMC

    The sisters Samuels stand out as two of the saddest deaths in all of 'The Walking Dead,' and they were pretty sickening, too — especially Mika, eviscerated at the hands of her psychotic sibling.

  11. Bob Stookey AMC

    His final minutes on Earth were fairly peaceful, but it was preceded by a walker bite, and the loss of his leg to a small handful of hungry cannibals. Not a meal we'll forget anytime soon.

  12. Dale Horvath AMC

    Say what you will about Dale, the man had guts. Lots and lots of guts, pulled out at the hands of a walker on Hershel's farm. So gross.

  13. T-Dog AMC

    In the end, this poor dog had plenty of bite — bite marks that is! Aw, I'm sorry, still too soon.

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  14. Hershel AMC

    His botched beheading at the hands of the Governor wasn't just one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show's history, but also one of its grisliest. His moaning, rolling zombie head meeting the business end of Michonne's sword was a merciful way to end one of the grossest main character deaths.

  15. Lori Grimes AMC

    What a horrible, brutal way for the First Lady of the Grimes Group to go, with an unmedicated caesarian section at the hands of Maggie, a gunshot to the head from her own son Carl, and becoming a post-mortem feast for a very hungry walker. So gross.

  16. Merle Dixon AMC

    First, he feeds his fingers to the Governor. Then, he gets shot in the chest, and comes back as a walker. And then , he gets his brains smashed in over and over and over some more at the hands of younger brother Daryl. It was cathartic for the surviving Dixon brother, but completely stomach-churning for every single spectator.

  17. Noah AMC

    Yeah, this really is the grossest, and it's really not close.