EXCLUSIVE: An All-New Beast Is Revealed In 'All-New X-Men' #5

Exclusive An All New Beast Is Revealed Inall New X Men 5

What should Beast look like? Should he be more cat-like, as he is in the current run of Marvel NOW! 's ' All-New X-Men '? Or should he be more sasquatch-y and ape-like, as he was in George Perez's iconic run on on Marvel's mutants? This is a debate that's ended many friendships, torn marriages apart, caused parents to disown children and - as you can see in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video - led to a heated debate between 'All-New X-Men' writer Brian Michael Bendis and 'X-Men' editor Nick Lowe during a recent Marvel retreat. But alas, the creative folks behind the new X-book came to an agreement - with the help of mediator Matt Fraction - and we now have an all-new Beast for an All-New X-Men as part of the all-new Marvel. And you can see it here first only on MTV Geek!

Get a better look at the All-New Beast and see Stuart Immonen's sketches for the re-design after the jump!

'All-New X-Men' #5 is on shelves now.