EXCLUSIVE: Michael Douglas Shares First Details Of Charlie Sheen's 'Wall Street 2' Cameo

Exclusive Michael Douglas Shares First Details Charlie Sheens Wall Street 2cameo

We've known for a while that Gordon Gekko would briefly reunite with his protégé-turned-whistleblower Bud Fox in ' Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps .' On the red carpet at the National Review Board gala on Tuesday night, Gekko himself, Michael Douglas , revealed some details about the circumstances surrounding that on-screen reunion with Charlie Sheen's Fox, possibly contradicting or adding to the already-known appearance 'as a guest on a financial talk show in the background of a scene,' as reported by The Playlist . Douglas also spoke to what it was like working with director Oliver Stone again, as the two famously clashed on the set of the original film.

'Charlie did a cameo,' the actor told our own Josh Horowitz. 'He came in. It was fun for a day. It was good to see him again.'

Principle photography on the sequel, it should be noted, wrapped weeks before the December holidays, when Sheen was arrested on domestic violence allegations. With a Colorado hearing set for later this month to determine if charges will be filed, one can be certain a Gekko/Fox get-together wouldn't have been in the offing in 2010.

So what plot point brought the two men together in the film? 'Just catching up,' Douglas said. 'Seeing what he's up to, what he's doing, in passing.'

Seems like the hostility between the former colleagues has largely petered away after two decades. Why? Douglas revealed that, after the corruption-tinged events of the original flick, Gekko didn't end up spending much time behind bars.

'He only put me away for a year,' the actor said of Sheen's character. 'It was just inside trading. I wasn't that angry at him.'

Nor is Douglas still angry at Stone. Relations between the men were no different on the sequel than they were during the production of 'Wall Street,' but Douglas holds no ill will toward the director.

'Nah, same,' he said when asked about their relationship this time around. 'Contentious. He's a prickly kind of guy. I think he both uses it to motivate himself and his cast.'

Have you been following the development of 'Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps'? Are you a fan of the original? Pleased with the particulars of Sheen's cameo? What would you like to see in this sequel?