Exclusive Q&A: Kevin Durand, Rapper/‘Robin Hood' Actor

Exclusive Q Kevin Durand

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Towering Canadian actor Kevin Durand is a force to reckon with on-screen as Little John in 'Robin Hood,' Blob in 'Wolverine' and the unapologetically evil Martin Keamy on TV's 'Lost,' to name but a few.

Off-screen, the 36-year-old man's man still likes to make rap music (yes, rap) and is a self-proclaimed 'film nerd' (guess nerds are hitting the gym way more than they used to).

With 'Robin Hood' hitting DVD , we chatted with Durand about the end of Keamy and why director Ridley Scott made him want to cry.

How do you think a man like yourself who is six-and-a-half feet tall came to be known as Little John in 'Robin Hood?'

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'Robin Hood' is the third time you've worked with Russell Crowe after 'Mystery, Alaska' and '3:10 to Yuma.' Would you consider yourself one of his Merry Men in real life?

We developed a friendship off the first film. I think I work with the same people and it is just common sense. I come from a small town in Canada and my dad taught me that you work really hard, be really prepared, do the job as well as you can and be a good person, and then great people will want to work with you again. I've been fortunate enough that we have shorthand when it comes to work and our friendship. It's always such a pleasure and easy when Russell and I work together.

You kill some game in 'Robin Hood' and have a deer slung over your neck at the end. In real life, what is the biggest animal you've hunted?

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What is something about working with Ridley Scott that you will never forget?

The first day on set I showed up and there was an 11-camera setup. I never experienced anything beyond three cameras, so it gave me a sense of how grand the movie was going to be. I remember I delivered my first line and Ridley called me over, and my heart just about jumped out of my throat. I thought, My God, he's not going to like my accent. He said, 'That was amazing.' I swear to God if my macho guy friends weren't around, I probably would have started balling right there. It was really hard to keep it together, but I tried to be as cool as I could about it.

The movie's ending seems to set up a sequel. Have you heard anything about the possibility of that happening?

I've been hearing rumblings about it, but nothing official yet. You're talking about the opportunity to make this big historic Ridley Scott movie with your good buddies, so I had a major 'Robin Hood' hangover after we finished. I didn't want to do anything else because everything seemed anticlimactic. It was such a rich experience, so I'm sure we would all jump on a sequel.

What extra goodies will fans get on the 'Robin Hood' DVD and Blu-ray?

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The former Marine sergeant Martin Keamy that you played on 12 episodes of 'Lost' was one of the only characters in the series that was clearly evil, and fans loved to hate you. Now that the show is over, can you tell us if you liked the way the series wrapped up with that whole afterlife thing?

I cook some damn good eggs [laughs]! I was just thankful that I could come back in. Carlton Cuse [one of the 'Lost' writers] said that they loved what I have done with Keamy and he wanted to give me an opportunity for a final bow. I was really honored and am incredibly happy with the way it all wrapped up. It's one of the greatest shows to date and to get a chance to play my part…. I'm a small-town guy who's constantly pinching himself. I hope this lasts for the rest of my life.

There are clips of you online rapping to pretty large crowds. Any plans to release any of your music in the future?

I started off as a rapper from Thunder Bay, Ontario, believe it or not. There was a little group of 10 or 12 of us that would get together and copy each other's cassettes. So I was a rapper first and it was that music that got me into this great entertainment world and got me out of Thunder Bay. It showed me that I could make a living and follow my dreams doing other things. I still make music, but I don't know if I'll ever release anything. We'll see. I'm just thankful that I get to have the job that I have now.

Tell us about your upcoming sci-fi movie 'I Am Number Four,' which sounds like another badass role for you.