Ezra Might Have Killed Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Ezra Might Have Killed Charlotte Onpretty Little Liars

The other night I had a dream about ' Pretty Little Liars .' This wasn't my first 'PLL'-related dream -- this show has been giving me stress-induced dreams since Season 1, after all -- but this one was memorable. As f--ked up as this may sound, in my dream, the Liars died. (Spencer and Caleb were also a couple, so it was traumatic in more ways than one.) Even weirder, in some weird way I was at piece with this ending.

Now, let me make this clear: I am 100 percent not OK with the show killing off its core four in the final act in some weird, Shakespearian twist. But there was something almost calming about the show coming to an end. 'Pretty Little Liars' feels like a show that could go on forever. There's always a veiled antagonist waiting in the shadows, ready to hit 'send' on a menacing text. (Although, A might want to start looking into more current forms of communication like Snapchat and Peach.) But all shows must come to an end, and this season of 'Pretty Little Liars' has finally put an ending in sight. Maybe I'm dreaming of the perfect, albeit chilling, ending to 'PLL' because I know one is imminent.

Honestly, that's been the best part of this season. I know we're only two episodes in, but 'Pretty Little Liars' has really hit its stride. Unlike last season, which chewed through plot at a breakneck pace to get to the big A reveal, this season is celebrating its characters. Yes, an end is near, but it doesn't feel like we're racing to get there. That doesn't mean there aren't ridiculous plot twists -- that's why we love the show, after all -- but it feels more sincere in its delivery.

Season 6, Episode 12 ('Charlotte's Web') was a perfect blend of mystery and pathos. Let's take a look at the episode's best moments:

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  • Aria and Ezra did meet up the night of Charlotte's death. Freeform

    With a murder investigation underway, it looked a little suspicious when Aria practically ran back to Boston. She told the Liars that she had to get back to work, but Hanna -- NOW THE SMART ONE, FYI -- knew better. The night of Charlotte's murder, Hanna got up around 3 a.m. to 'hydrate' and she noticed that Aria was missing. When she confronted Aria about her whereabouts that night, Aria was a totally sh-tty friend and lied to her. And Hanna had the security footage to prove it.

    However, in a flashback, we learn what really went down that night. Drunk and sad, Aria called Ezra that night and asked him to meet her at The Radley. Together, they walked the sleepy streets of Rosewood until they came across a chilling sight: Charlotte. Aria and Ezra saw Charlotte walk into the church the night of her death. Ezra was visibly upset to see Charlotte. He was furious that someone like Nicole could go missing, while Charlotte could walk free. He told Aria to go home, put her in a car and, well, he told Aria he went home soon after -- but we all know Ezra followed Charlotte into the church. Given the time of her death (4 a.m.), it's completely plausible that Ezra, in his deranged, drunken state, murdered Charlotte.

    In fact, Spencer seemed certain he did. During her sophomore year at Georgetown, Spencer wrote a paper about the murder of a bride on her wedding day. The murder was eerily similar to Charlotte's -- broken neck, thrown from a bell tower and cradling a bouquet of pink roses. (Trust me, her death and Spencer's association to it is not great for Veronica's Senate campaign, but I digress.) Spencer told Ezra all about the true crime murder mystery when they met up during his book tour a few years ago. So, Ezra had the motive and he also had the inspiration, but did he really kill Charlotte? I don't think it's that easy, tbh. (However, I wouldn't put it past Aria.)

  • Emily is sick. Freeform

    Remember the drug store that poured out of Emily's purse the morning after their night out? Now we know that all of those drugs and needles were part of her treatment . Emily is sick, and she has been hiding it from the Liars -- and her mother. I don't want to jump to conclusions and assume that Emily has cancer, but the nurse at Hollis Medical Center definitely alluded to it. Emily started her treatment in Rosewood, and the nurse advised against going home to San Diego until her treatment was complete. Chemo treatments range in time and severity, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

    Outside of the medical center, Emily ran into Sabrina (who's running The Brew now, FYI), who helped Em pay for her parking. Later, at The Brew, Emily asked Sabrina not to tell anyone she saw her there. Trying to be empathetic, Sabrina told Emily that she had cancer a few years ago. (Seems like an overshare but shrug.)

    Sabrina advised Em that it would be better for her to tell her friends and family what's going on -- but Emily wasn't having any of Sabrina's advice. Cancer or not, Emily doesn't want to give her mom anything else to worry about.

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  • Enter Jordan. ABC Family

    I knew this was coming, but I still wasn't ready for it. Jordan surprised Hanna with champagne and her favorite New York City treats in her hotel room, and ughhh, I hate him already. I know he's Hanna's fiancé, and that I should give him a chance, but the man has an estate in the Hamptons. I KNEW HE HAD AN ESTATE IN THE HAMPTONS. The moment I saw those boat shoes, I saw straight into that man's soul -- and he's too boring for Hanna.

    After wooing Hanna with Greenwich Bakery cupcakes and Balthazar bread, Jordan decided to stay in Rosewood, which was perfect timing because Ali organized a dinner party for her friends (sans Aria) and Jordan and Caleb were totally invited. Their first meeting wasn't that awkward, but we did learn a surprising detail about Hanna and Caleb's ill-fated romance: they had a beloved table. In fact, the table was so special, Hanna couldn't part with it upon moving in with Jordan. 'So you kept the table?' Caleb asked. 'Of course I did,' Hanna replied. Umm. They totally hooked up on that table -- and Hanna doesn't want to forget about the memories.

  • Spencer is totally crushing on Caleb. Freeform

    Spencer and Caleb weren't always so close. After high school, they drifted apart, but a chance meet-cute in Madrid changed everything. After Haleb's breakup, Caleb went backpacking through Europe. Spencer happened to be studying abroad at the time, and the two coincidentally ran into each other. Since then, they've been best buds. Best buds who want to bone each other.

    I can't lie: it's really hard to watch Caleb act like the World's Best Boyfriend around Spencer. He clearly cares for her, but he's also still in love with Hanna (the look on his face when he found out she kept the table told us that), so... this is going to end terribly for everyone involved.

  • The Liars are back to their old tricks. Freeform

    Knowing that she looked hella guilty, Aria asked Hanna to delete all of the security footage of her and Ezra at the hotel. Hanna tried to fight it (like I said, she's the smart one this season!), but old habits die hard, especially in Rosewood. Hanna fell victim to peer pressure and deleted the tape. Obviously, Uber A has a copy. SIGH. Secrets and lies get you nowhere. Do you girls never learn anything?!

  • What really happened to Sara Harvey? ABC Family

    We learned a few crucial bits of info about the mystery surrounding Sara Harvey in this episode. One, the Liars think she 'lied' about having Stockholm Syndrome to get out of serving any jail time for her actions. And two, she was burned severely, rendering her hands unusable. According to the girls, Sara said she didn't remember anything from the time of the explosion, but they think she's lying. Honestly, she probably is. Sara is a shady AF figure in all of this, and I wouldn't be surprised if she's been working for Uber A this entire time.

  • 'He' is lurking.

    At the end of the episode, we saw a figure standing by a grave. The name on the tombstone was unreadable (was it Charlotte's grave, or Mrs. D's?), and seconds later, a chauffeur arrived and addressed the shadowed figure as 'sir.' Uber A clearly has connections to the DiLaurentises. Might he be a DiLaurentis? Seems likely.