'Faking It' Affairs: Is Amy Really Into Felix, Or Is She Just Rebounding?

Faking Itaffairs Is Amy Really Into Felix

Amy and Felix shared an intimate moment at the prom during tonight's ' Faking It ' episode -- but is her new crush the real deal, or is it all just a convenient way for the lovable Hester High student to move on from recent relationship duds?

Let's recap: Amy took a boy friend (not boyfriend ) to her school's unique dance, specifically to avoid catching feelings. After her recent breakup with Reagan (and subsequent flirtations with Karma), a new confusing relation-sitch was the last thing A needed.

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The platonic plan was going smoothly initially: The sexually fluid blonde genuinely enjoyed hanging out with her brand-new buddy. However, Felix saw things a bit differently.

'I know we said we wanted this to be a friends thing, but I kinda wanted it to be something more,' the principal's son explained. 'Because I like you... and I don't know, maybe your mind is elsewhere and maybe you're not ready to date or maybe you don't like guys...'

But maybe she does, because that was when she kissed him. (!!)

Okay, we have to admit... the smooch was incredibly sweet, and they're so natural together -- heck they'd make a great couple. But is the timing right? Amy just got over Reagan -- and in the process temporarily fell under Karma's spell again . So is the lovelorn teen ready for this connection to finally become the real deal? Or is she just using Felix as a rebound?

Let us know what you think of the new pair's chemistry in the comments, and keep watching Faking It, every Monday night at 9:30/8:30c!