Fall Out Boy Uses A Tank To Fight For Same-Sex Marriage In Their New Video

Fall Out Boy Uses Tank Fight

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Fall Out Boy decided to have a day of fun while also making a statement in the music video for American Beauty/American Psycho's Uma Thurman.

The fun part? Well, we get to travel with a contest winner named Sarah who becomes the band’s assistant for the day. And yes, that's as awesome as it seems. She gets to karaoke with Patrick Stump, go paint-balling with Pete Wentz, walk Joe Trohman’s zebra and work out with Andy Hurley.


We can see the band knows how to have a good time in the video and we also get to see some of their famous friends. Panic! At The Disco ’s Brendon Urie, Big Sean and Action Bronson are among the artists who make cool cameos in the clip.

Jay Z e Kanye Otis

But it isn’t all fun and games as the band also makes a strong statement in the video. At the end, we see a tank total a truck that has 'Article 1, Section 36.03 on its side, likely a reference to Alabama’s Supreme Court blocking same-sex marriage in the state.


Fall Out Boy is gearing up to head out on their Boys of Zummer tour with Wiz Khalifa in June.