Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Explains His New Gabe Saporta Tattoo

Fall Out Boys Pete Wentz Explains His New Gabe Saporta Tattoo

[artist id='1235716']Fall Out Boy[/artist]'s Pete Wentz isn't just a friend to [artist id='2402281']Cobra Starship[/artist] frontman Gabe Saporta — he's also his label boss and friendly rival. As a result, the two have been maintaining a prank war for the past few months, culminating in a recent victory for Saporta.

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Paying up on a bet he made a few months ago, Wentz got a new tattoo on his leg — a tattoo of Saporta's face .

'Well, I promised Gabe if 'Good Girls Go Bad' went platinum, I would let him pick a tattoo to put on me,' Wentz said in a statement. 'A man with such humble beginnings, of course, chose a self-portrait.' As a result, there is now a permanent mark on Wentz's calf that features Saporta's face and the inscription 'Gabey Baby Made Me Go Bad.'

This is merely the latest shot in the public prank war that has been going on between Wentz and Saporta for months. Last month at the MTV Video Music Awards, Wentz wore a T-shirt that revealed Saporta's phone number, and while he was unable to reveal all the digits on the live broadcast, Saporta's number still got out there, forcing him to change it.

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Saporta struck back a few weeks ago at Los Premios MTV, where he announced Wentz's e-mail address (in Spanish!) during the broadcast.

For those keeping score at home, Saporta is definitely in the lead, though according to Wentz, there may still be more to come. 'I held through with the bet,' Wentz said. 'But let's see if Gabe holds through with his end of the bet if Hot Mess goes gold.'