Famous In Love’s 11 Major Changes From Book To TV

Famous Love S 11 Major Changes From Book Tv

When Pretty Little Liars ends its seven-season run in June, fans will need another fun and addictive series to obsess over — and PLL showrunner I. Marlene King 's new series, Famous in Love , could be it.

The new Freeform show, which premieres Tuesday (April 18) and can be binged via digital platforms after the pilot, follows naive Paige Townsen ( Bella Thorne ), who auditions for the movie Locked and ends up nabbing the lead female role. She quickly gets caught up in the craziness of Hollywood while trying to balance work and school, and also striving to keep her feelings for costar Rainer Devon ( Carter Jenkins ) in check.

The show is adapted from Rebecca Serle's YA series — a third novel of which is reportedly in the works — and as with all book-to-TV series, there are some major changes from page to screen.

  1. Paige is older and already in L.A. Eric McCandless/Freeform

    Though she's a 17-year-old in Portland in the books, the show gives us a 20-year-old Paige who lives with BFFs Cassandra 'Cassie' Perkins ( Georgie Flores ) and Jake Salt ( Charlie DePew ) in an L.A. apartment I have zero idea how they can afford. She's also studying economics in college, and gets dragged to the audition by Cassie instead of going by herself like she does in the first book.

  2. Paige’s family life is barely referenced. Eric McCandless/Freeform

    In the series' first novel, Paige is the youngest of four children, including a sister with whom drama later unfolds. But her parents don't live with her on the show, and only visit her sparingly. Paige's dad is more supportive of her acting career in the book, while her mom isn't exactly sold on the idea. On the show, their views are reversed.

  3. Locked is not filmed in Hawaii. Eric McCandless/Freeform

    The first book sets a major amount of action in Hawaii, but the show opts to film the movie on a famous Hollywood soundstage instead, where Jordan Wilder ( Keith Powers ) is cast at the same time as everyone else — unlike in the book, when he shows up about midway through.

  4. Rainer and Jordan’s feud doesn’t last long. Eric McCandless/Freeform

    The feud between the bros is a major plot point in the books, but the battle is resolved shockingly fast on the show. They're fighting for a different reason, too.

  5. The love triangle is vastly different. Eric McCandless/Freeform

    Will Paige choose Rainer or Jordan? That's the main question in the books, but don't expect the same relationships to develop on the show. Paige still crushes on Rainer, but in her love life, Jordan's been swapped with someone else.

  6. Rainer’s mom plays a huge role. Mitch Haaseth/Freeform

    Despite having, like, one scene in the books, Nina Devon ( Perrey Reeves ) is a major player in the TV adaptation, producing the film Locked instead of Rainer's dad (who's not around for a big reason).

  7. Jordan’s past is even darker. Eric McCandless/Freeform

    Jordan's fight with his abusive father in the book series was caused by his perceived need to protect his mother and sister. On the show, however, his father is nowhere to be found, but his family life is much worse.

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  8. Cassie and Jake don’t date. Mitch Haaseth/Freeform

    A huge ordeal for Paige in the first book is when her besties become a couple. But the show opts for the duo to be just good friends instead, without even a hint of a spark between them.

  9. But the two play much bigger roles. Byron Cohen/Freeform

    We only got glimpses of Paige's friends in the books when she visited Portland or called Cassie. But her BFFs are major players on the show, with Cassie hiding a dark secret and Jake trying to make it as a filmmaker.

  10. Alexis Glenn is not Paige’s friend. Eric McCandless/Freeform

    In Serle's second book, Paige befriends Alexis, who plays her character's sister in the Locked films. But TV Alexis ( Niki Koss ) is front and center of the drama, doing everything she can to make Paige's life miserable.

  11. Say hello to a new character: Tangey Turner. Byron Cohen/Freeform

    Tangey ( Pepi Sonuga ) is a popular musician who joins Locked , sharing a complicated history with both Rainer and Jordan.