Fans Are Loving Ed Sheeran's 'I'm A Mess' ... Because We've All Been There

Fans Are Loving Ed Sheerans Im Mess

Today, MTV premiered its fourth and final track from Ed Sheeran 's new album X 'I'm A Mess' and it's another lovelorn song. While lost love might be a common theme for the young singer, this time, he's the one that messed up, and of course the Sheerios are loving it.

A lot of Ed's songs take someone else to task for hurting him but this one seems more self-reflective and self-critical. 'And oh, I've only caused you pain,' goes part of a verse, and the chorus includes the halting thought: 'Easy baby, maybe I'm a liar.' Usually, Ed is putting women on blast for breaking his heart, but here, he opens up and admits his own mistakes, a feeling that his fans are easily connecting with.

But there's a few odd lines, like 'put your faith in my stomach' that have fans scratching their heads.

Mostly, everyone is just ready to commiserate with Sheeran—we're all a gigantic mess sometimes.

He also touches on going through the motions in a relationship, and even though it's not working, Sheeran still hopes to make love last.

Some fans have found their new favorite in the song.

'I’m a Mess' was definitely written at my lowest point,' Sheeran said in an interview , but the song isn't all depressing thoughts.

There's memories of walking home together and the final, rousing refrain proves that despite everything, he still believes in love. 'And for how long, I love, my lover / I feel love,' he passionately sings over drums, handclaps and piano. It's the perfect, cathartic end to a song about knowing you're a mess, and believing in love anyway.

We're all a mess sometimes, and now Ed Sheeran has given us the perfect song to commiserate to.