'Fantasy Factory' Poll: Would You Buy The iCore Cruncher?

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Rob Dyrdek 's an ideas man, no question (who can forget his first-ever skateboard car park ?). On tonight's episode of 'Fantasy Factory,' we saw the mogul give life to yet another brewing vision -- the iCore Cruncher , a simple 10-in-1 fitness apparatus that can help you lose pounds fast ... or something. 'Course, the cable-like piece of equipment took on a whole new meaning once long-haired Barry Bright started promoting it straddled the floor during the infomercial. The consensus seemed to be the same across the board: The cruncher can stay, but ole Barry's gotta bounce.

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+ Did Barry Bright nail his sales pitch, or would you be scared to work out anywhere near him and his pantyhose? Take the poll and let us know if you'd buy the iCore Cruncher!

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Would you buy the iCore Cruncher?

  • No way dude. I'd rather just lift weights.
  • Yes, only because Rob's infomercial was hilarious.