'Fargo' Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Fargoseason 2 Everything You Need Know

If you didn't watch 'Fargo' this past season, you missed out on one of this year's best seasons of television, featuring some of the most memorable new characters in a drama this side of 'True Detective,' especially Allison Tolman's Molly Solverson and Billy Bob Thornton's incredible villain Lorne Malvo.

Of course, a lot of those characters can't come back for some pretty major reasons (read: death), while others, like Molly, got a satisfying character arc, and showrunner Noah Hawley already said that he was going to write seasons independent of each other.

Turns out, that wasn't entirely true. After it was announced that 'Fargo' would be back for a second season, Hawley took the opportunity to share some juicy plot details for the followup. Here are the best bits.

We're Going Back In Time


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The next season of 'Fargo' will be a prequel, of sorts, set in the '70s, which means that basically every major character will be MIA for the second season.

'I spoke to Allison Tolman this morning and told her that unless she can channel her four-year-old self, we wouldn't be able to have her in season two,' Hawley said at the Television Critics Association.

Lou's Coming Back!


Well, not every major character, as Hawley said that one of our main characters will be a young Lou, Molly's father, though he likely won't be played by Keith Carradine.

'Lou [is now] a 33-year-old man, recently back from Vietnam. We would meet Molly's mother, and we may learn what happened to her.'

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We'll try not to get too attached to Molly's mom, because that's not going to end well.

We'll Find Out What Happened At Sioux Falls

Lou and Malvo

Lou frequently mentioned an incident at Sioux Falls as a defining moment in his life, relating those incidents to the horrible murders by Lorne Malvo and according to Hawley, we'll be seeing exactly why it had such a big impact on the lawman-turned-diner owner.

The Coen Brothers Will Continue To Be A Major Influence

Solverson Family

Hawley also said that the second season will stay in the Coen Brothers headspace, though the influences would be a bit different.

'If the first season, the three [influences] were 'Fargo,' 'No Country Old Men,' and 'A Serious Man,' this year we are in 'Fargo,' 'Miller's Crossing' and 'The Man Who Wasn't There.''

From the sounds of that, expect more folksy Minnesota humor and characterizations, a gangster story, and, well, a darkly funny examination on existentialism and the meaning of life.

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That's just about par for the course for 'Fargo.' Bring on Sioux Falls!