'Fear The Walking Dead': Get The Details (And First Pic) On That Plane Spin-Off

Fear Walking Dead

Look over there, it's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's a... well actually yes, it is a plane, but it's a plane full of zombies so not even Superman himself could save the day on this one.

AMC revealed today that its previously announced ' Fear the Walking Dead ' web-series tie-in officially has a name -- 'Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462.' Additionally, the network announced that it's planning to release the series as 16, less-than-one-minute long installments, beginning with the regular series' season finale on October 4.

As previously announced, one character from the doomed flight -- which should make Oceanic 815 look like a cakewalk, by the way -- will join the cast of 'FtWD' for its second season next year, and the action on the plane will revolve around what the passengers do when one of them is revealed to be infected. Check out the first photo from the series below, which pictures a kid looking freaked AF for what should be obvious reasons:

Justina Mintz/AMC

Looks like all of your worst nightmares come true, eh? To die while flying commercial ?!

And to make matters worse, a quick Google search reveals that Flight 462 is a Dallas to Los Angeles flight (and vice versa) on Southwest airlines IRL, meaning the dying passengers will only be able to eat their choice of peanuts or pretzels before they inevitably die horribly. Also, in all seriousness, the fact that the passengers could very well be from Dallas means that 'FtWD' has the opportunity to introduce a Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, or even Maggie Greene-esque southerner to the mix, which should be music to the ears of OG 'Walking Dead' fans.