Fifth Harmony Fan Art That's Totally Boss

Fifth Harmony Fan Art Thats Totally Boss

The talented girls of Fifth Harmony have equally talented fans, and it shows through in their art. 5H have a lot of artist fans, who like spending their time drawing their idols using pen, pencil and paint to perfect Camila's bow or Dinah's curls. Check out some of the coolest fan art of Normani, Dinah, Ally, Camila and Lauren below:

(Oh, and make sure to click on the bottom right corner of the picture for the artist credit, so you can click to check out their other work!)

Group Art

  1. Because they pretty much rule the world, someone drew them as a superheroes.
  2. They even look badass in ink.
  3. Cartoon 5H gives you a whole new perspective on them.
  4. The girls' characters from the 'Worth It' video get an almost Disney Princess makeover.


  1. Lauren is definitely a muse for most artists. @mirrorhaus/ Twitter
  2. The best part of drawing her is the eyebrows, of course.
  3. And her green eyes.
  4. Artists also love drawing her in action.

Dinah Jane

beijo drake e nicki minaj
  1. Dinah's attitude seems to come out in every piece of art.
  2. Love this one.
  3. Blonde Dinah looking good with different washes of blue and pink.
  4. Look at Dinah's thick tresses floating in outerspace. @allbymyidols/ Twitter


  1. Camila's outfits are a fan favorite. And an artist's favorite.
  2. Lots of detail in this one. @Lizz_Martini/ Twitter
  3. A line drawing of Camila in a hoodie!
  4. Pretty eyes.


  1. The cartoon is more funny than anything, playing off Ally's infamous vertical challenge. I had to include it.
  2. Ally looks so dreamy over a mountainous backdrop. scaredlost-anna.tumblr
  3. Ally's Instagram photos are perfect inspiration. @exrchopoulos/ Twitter
  4. Especially the ones with her kitty! @KittenKatyPerry/ Twitter


  1. The Harmonizers really dish out their talent when it comes to Mani.
  2. Here's a drawing of her in Sean Bankhead's choreography video .
  3. And a beautiful painting.
  4. Normani gets lifelike in this one.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.