Final Logan Trailer Introduces A Mutant Way Cooler Than Wolverine

Final Logan Trailer Introduces Mutant Way Cooler Than Wolverine

Years of playing the hero have taken its toll on Wolverine, and he's got the scars, lines, and world-weary demeanor to prove it in the latest trailer for Logan , the third and final installment of the Wolverine film franchise. In it, a gruff and grizzled Logan ( Hugh Jackman ) begrudgingly takes a quiet young girl (newcomer Dafne Keen) under his wing.

The brutal trailer puts the spotlight on Keen's scene-stealing character, Laura, otherwise known as X-23 . There are some incredible sequences of Laura in action, whether slashing her way through Donald Pierce's (Boyd Holbrook) goons or threatening a store clerk over Pringles. When will your fave?

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We also learn that in James Mangold's Logan , the X-Men comic exists, showing that the mutant team's heroic exploits have been recorded (and exaggerated) for posterity. So on top of aging, Logan also has to deal with being a pseudo celebrity. No wonder he's such a surly grump.

And here's the U.K. version, which is slightly longer and ends with Sir Patrick Stewart's Professor X dropping an f-bomb. Someone give Logan a damn Oscar already.

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Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017 .