Final Pet Sematary Trailer Proves Dead Is Better

Final Pet Sematary Trailer Proves Dead Is Better

Sometimes dead is better, according to the Pet Sematary remake's movie poster. After watching the final trailer before launch, we agree.

This particular trailer ratchets up the tension considerably, giving us a calm-before-the-storm moment as father Louis Creed ( Jason Clarke ) is bathing his daughter Ellie (Jeté Laurence). Everything is nice and normal, and then we see a few staples adorning the back of Ellie's head. Neat! Definitely nothing to worry about, right?

From there, things only get creepier as we see Ellie before the moment she received said staples, apparently having died in a car crash. Turns out there's a 'special place' out in the woods, naturally, that can bring people (and animals) back to life. It's easy to find – just look for all the children in animal masks walking in what appears to be some sort of ritualistic fashion. You can't miss it.

Creed and wife Rachel ( Amy Seimetz ) begin dealing with a procession of creepy events one right after another, with their neighbor Jud ( John Lithgow ) warns them about the Pet Sematary's eerie ability to return the dead to the land of the living. The disturbing mash-up of moments during the trailer only serve to prove that when you find out about a graveyard where you bury things to bring them back to life, you should probably leave it well enough alone – or at the very least, don't bury your daughter there.

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The remake of the 1989 film of the same name is another adaptation of a Stephen King story, and this attempt at bringing it to life looks especially terrifying – especially little Ellie, who seems to be a completely different person since she was 'brought back' from beyond the grave.

Can't wait to see how the new movie shakes out? Head into theaters on April 5, where you can watch it all unfold.