Finn Wittrock Showed Us What His AHS: Roanoke Character Looks Like With The Lights On

Finn Wittrock Showed Us What His Ahs

Finn Wittrock 's hillbilly character on American Horror Story: Roanoke was the polar opposite of his sweet, goofy persona in Halloweentown High . Playing a vicious yet mildly sentimental cannibal on the FX series, Jether Polk met a satisfying end when Lee (Adina Porter) said, 'Not today, Satan,' then strangled and stabbed him to death.

But while Jether made us want to duck under the covers, we never actually saw his face. The closest we got was when he grabbed the camera from Angela Bassett 's Monet on 'Chapter 7.' On the November 2 episode, we knew we were watching Wittrock, but our view was hindered — thanks to the dark, practically nonexistent lighting on the show, as well as the 'found footage' and security camera angles.

Luckily, Wittrock took pity on us and shared a truly terrifying pic on Monday (November 7) of Jether bathed in light.

'I know it was dark in the Polk house, and the security cameras were far away,' Wittrock captioned. 'So here is a nice close up of Jether, for those of you who would want to get to know that cherub in more detail.' He also complimented the show's 'amazing makeup crew,' because ... just look at him. There's no way I would've guessed that was Wittrock had I encountered him on the street.