'The Flash': All Grodd Wants Is A Family in 'Gorilla Warfare'

Flash All Grodd Wants Is Family Ingorilla Warfare

How do you solve a problem like a giant, telepathic gorilla? Send him to the sanctuary for giant, telepathic gorillas on your doppelganger Earth, of course!

In tonight's episode, The Flash brought back a fan favorite: Gorilla Grodd. Though Grodd's plight might not have added much to the larger, serialized Zoom plot, it made for a delightful episode about how all of us — giant telepathic gorillas, included — just want people in our lives who we can trust.

Here were the seven best moments from 'Gorilla Warfare.'

  1. Grodd is back — and he's still scary (and sad). The CW

    Guys, 'The Flash' has really upped its game this season when it comes to its scariness level. It's a credit to Grodd — and 'The Flash' visual effects team — that the giant gorilla still manages to make an impression after last week's episode , which ended with Zoom dragging Barry's broken body on a victory tour of Central City.

    This week, it's Grodd's turn to terrorize Barry's hometown. He's been stockpiling the chemicals needed to make another gorilla like him, and he kidnaps Caitlin — who everyone keeps reminding us was always kind to him when he was S.T.A.R. Lab's star lab rat — in an effort to make this dream of a family possible. It's one part Frankenstein's monster, one part 'King Kong' (especially Caitlin's Fay Wray-like outfit), and all parts sad.

  2. Harry joins the team. The CW

    Harry is a total jerk, but I'm starting to feel bad about how often Team Flash conflates his identity with the Harrison Wells they knew before. Like, we get it, he looks exactly like the dude who killed Barry's mom, betrayed you all, and almost destroyed the world. But you guys are all smart people. Maybe your brains can help you get past this a little bit?

    Despite Team Flash's continued inability to separate Harry from Harrison Wells, Caitlin manages to convince Harry to stick around in Earth-1 a bit longer. They're stronger together. Team Flash demonstrates this point by coming up with a plan to get Caitlin back by having Harry pose as Harrison Wells — aka Grodd's 'father.' But rescuing Caitlin is only a stop-gap measure. Central City still has a giant, telepathic gorilla problem.

  3. Barry's dad is back. The CW

    Speaking of fathers, Barry's other dad is back. (Because Iris, solver of problems, gave Henry a call. She probably has him on speed dial or something.) Just in time to help... Henry and Joe play double dad duty on this week's episode, working over time to convince Barry that he's ready to get back in the field after being broken — both physically and mentally — by Zoom.

    Eventually, Henry especially gets through to Barry by confiding in him about how hard it was to have all of his neighbors and friends believe that he killed the woman he loved. Poor guy. What got him through was Barry's belief in his innocence. And, like Henry, Barry has people who will always believe in him. Aww.

  4. Goodbye, Grodd. The CW

    With the combined brain (and leg) power of Team Flash, including the pep talk power of Henry, the gang manages to send Grodd over to Earth-2. (And, yes, the news that Earth-2 has set up a sanctuary for the gorillas it has experimented on might make me rethink my position on The Great Earth-1 vs. Earth-2 Debate .)

    Something tells me this isn't the last we've seen of our furry frenemy, but Team Flash's plan of sending Grodd to Earth-2 seemed to work. I'm sure Grodd is sitting down with his new family of mutant gorillas as we speak, having a nice, lively conversation about the joys of having their own gorilla habitat. Or they're planning their ultimate retribution on the worlds of Earth-2 and Earth-1. One of the two.

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  5. Goodbye, Henry. The CW

    Unfortunately, Henry also skips town. Again . At least, this time, 'The Flash' tries to give a quasi-explanation for it. Henry needs to take things slow before he can throw himself back into the existence that is helping Team Flash in Central City. Fair enough. But, for a cast of characters who is usually ridiculously talented as articulating their emotions to one another, Henry's continued departures leave something to be desired.

    One can't help but be curious if the meta reason for Henry Allen's persistent departing (in addition to the fact that John Wesley Shipp is not a series regular) is because his Earth-2 doppelganger is Zoom, and 'The Flash' Powers That Be want to distract us from that fact. Am I being paranoid? Or could that mention of Robert Queen as The Hood in last week's episode be a tiny, narrative clue that Henry Allen is also a super-presence on Earth-2? #SuperDads

  6. Patty wants to know she can trust Barry.

    Maybe it's because we went through all of this last year with Iris, but I have very little patience for both Barry and Joe continuing to keep Patty in the dark about Team Flash — especially when a piece of information, i.e. the nature of Grodd, could be the key to saving someone's life. Patty is a clever, honest woman. Watching her continually ask both Barry and Joe to be honest with her, while knowing they are hiding extremely relevant information is tough.

    That being said, Barry and Patty are still going strong. She caught him out for lying about being sick, but Barry's adorable face and mention of his father's visit to town manages to smooth the waters. You've gotten away with it this time, Allen. But you might not the next...

  7. Cisco vibes on Kendra's Hawkgirl persona. The CW

    For those who spend a fair amount of time on the Interwebz, the reveal that Kendra has some kind of hawk-like alter ego wasn't exactly mind-blowing. Still, Cisco's 'Say Anything' antics were enough to keep me entertained as he struggled through his woo-ing of Kendra.

    Plus, we got to know the future star of 'Legends of Tomorrow' a little bit more, and she seems cool. Kendra is forgiving, giving Cisco another chance after he totally ditches her on their date. And she has a super dry sense of humor, which I can totally get behind. I'm eager for the upcoming 'Arrow'/'The Flash' crossover , which will seemingly give Kendra much more to do — especially in relation to her superhero identity. (Did you see the crossover trailer? Things are about to get EPIC.)