'The Flash': Every Sexually Tense Cisco And Lisa Snart Moment, Ranked

Flash Every Sexually Tense Cisco

Internet, we have a new mission: Cisco Ramon and Lisa Snart need to get together, and we're the ones to make it happen.

I mean, look at ' Arrow .' Oliver and Felicity are a thing because fans noticed the undeniable chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, and the writers eventually couldn't resist, either. Likewise, look at every single scene between Carlos Valdes and Peyton List on ' The Flash ,' dripping with sexual tension, just begging for the universe to turn them into a couple — or, at least, get them a little bit further along on their flirtmance.

If you're not shipping Lisco after last night's episode , then let's see if we can push you over the edge. Here are 13 of Cisco and Snart's best scenes together across three episodes of 'The Flash,' ranked in ascending order of hotness.

  1. Lisa ruins the moment. The CW

    'We're just squatting.'

  2. Lisa plays dumb with Cisco. The CW

    'What's wrong?'

  3. Lisa puts in her gun order. The CW

    'How about something… gold?'

  4. Lisa reminds Cisco about the time they made out. The CW


  5. Lisa begs for a Cisco-branded code name. The CW

    'The least you can do is give me a badass alias.'

  6. Cisco grants her wish. The CW

    'Smart is sexy, Cisco.'

  7. Lisa gives Cisco the CC Jitters. The CW

    'Don't apologize. You can bump into me any day, Cisco.'

  8. Lisa buys Cisco a drink. The CW


  9. Cisco lets Lisa open up about her sordid past. The CW

    'I must've been a slow learner, because the lessons never stopped.'

  10. Cisco shoots Lisa in the neck. The CW

    'I trust you, Cisco.'

  11. Lisa rides off into the night. The CW

    'Bye, Cisco.'

  12. The first kiss. The CW

    'What do you think?'

  13. 'Till next time, Cisco.' The CW

    'Later, Golden Glider.'