Flo Rida Remembers Creating His Stage Name, On 'When I Was 17'

Flo Rida Remembers Creating His Stage Name

When Flo Rida was growing up, he had aspirations of becoming a rap superstar. But the aspiring MC knew he would have to introduce himself to the world of hip-hop in a big way. On the latest episode of 'When I Was 17,' which also features actresses Melissa Joan Hart and Alison Sweeney, the 31-year-old star reminisces about his teenage years and reveals how he came up with his all-too-recognizable stage name.

Before skyrocketing as a solo artist, Flo (born Tramar Dillard) was a part of a rap group. But even then, he knew he had to create an identity for himself that would let him stand out within the band.

'When I was 17, to be a part of a group like the Groundhoggz, you definitely have to come up with a name,' the MC recalls.

Flo Rida, who was going by a different name in those days, explains that one of his friends urged him to come up with a new alias.

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'At first, I was going by the name of Ruckus Pimp,' Flo recalls. 'I just thought that was like a little bit out there, so I went to over to my boy's house. He's just like, 'Man, we got to come up with a name today.' '

The MC explains that he brainstormed for a while before finally taking inspiration from the place he grew up, the Sunshine State. 'So, OK, I sat up there for about an hour and finally, it hit me,' he says. 'Take Florida, break it in half and there you go: Flo Rida.'

'When I Was 17' — this week featuring Flo Rida, Melissa Joan Hart and Alison Sweeney — premieres Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV