Flume Takes Lorde To Space With Glittery, Golden 'Tennis Court' Remix Video

Flume Takes Lorde Space With Glittery

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Ever seen a floating golden crown in the flesh?

While Lorde's ' Tennis Court ' already had an undeniable rhythm to it, a new remix from Australian producer Flume (aka Harley Streten) enhances the song's clattering percussion and nasty bass tone in all the right places.

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The remix, which the MTV Artist to Watch debuted during his set at Coachella earlier this month, has a light touch. Instead of merely throwing some four-on-the-floor drums and cliché trance synths underneath Lorde's vocals, the remix deepens the atmosphere of the already heady track.

There's a full minute of celestial synths before the ' Team ' singer comes in, and still another 60 or so seconds before the drums join in. The vocals wrestle with a manipulated bass note that surges forward and dashes back before everything settles down for a space-clearing verse, not unlike Flume's own ' Insane ' track from last summer.

Speaking of space, the video for the remix opens with a glittering crown before a gold-painted model appears and explodes into stardust. You might call the concept '' Royals ' in Space,' which gives us a brilliant idea for a film pitch. Get Hollywood on the phone.

+ Watch Lorde's 'Tennis Court (Flume Remix)' video .


Photo credit: Toby & Pete

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